Minneapolis' slice of stadium funding could jump

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: May 1, 2012 - 9:13 PM

Legislation ties Minneapolis' contribution to unexpected increases in sales tax revenue.

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erikj3May. 1, 12 9:00 PM

Drip, drip, drip. Every single day something comes out about how much more Minneapolis and/or Minnesota in the end have to pay for Wilf's playground. Isn't it funny how you never hear about Wilf potentially paying more in the end? Needless to say, this is exactly the point. (Note to Legislators: Never hire Ted Mondale as a negotiator, for ANYTHING, ever again, unless shafting taxpayers is the goal.)

chwildMay. 1, 12 9:43 PM

RT and the dirty seven need to go. Either they are aware of this or didn't read it and are blindly following. Johnson, Colvin-Roy, Quimby and Kevin... what are you thinking?

edkohlerMay. 1, 12 9:45 PM

The NFL and Wilf are professional stadium negotiators. The MN Legislature and Minneapolis City Council don't seem to understand what they would be putting the public on the hook for.

chwildMay. 1, 12 9:46 PM

This deal has never been about taking care of the city, so I guess it shouldn't be surprising. When does RT's term end?

tani12May. 1, 12 9:47 PM

So basically the cost of a stadium grows with our potential to pay for it. It's time to storm City Hall and throw Rybak and the bums that supported this boondoggle out. Then on to the capital in St. Paul. Has no one in office actually purchased a used car? A kindergartner could out negotiate these people. How incompetent does one have to be to sign such a deal?

mpls417May. 1, 1210:17 PM

I'm so glad that the GOP is running this thing into the ground. The NFL has priced itself out of this market. I blame the NFL's greed for the Vikes leaving town.

mpls417May. 1, 1210:20 PM

I'm so glad the GOP is running this into the ground. It's not often that I thank them but I do now. The NFL has priced itself out of this market and I blame no one but the NFL for the vikes leaving town.

potter101May. 1, 1211:34 PM

Are you people nuts.

kivirl4May. 2, 12 4:58 AM

I am somewhat the opposite of mpls417. I am GOP and would usually disagree with John Marty But on this, I totally agree. Every time we find something out new, its bad news for the public, not the Vikes. This has been a terribly negotiated deal by the state, especially Mondale, who would never be anythhing if not for his name. I negotiate deals for construction of infrastructure projects, and if I did one like this, I would havqe been fired.

Willy53May. 2, 12 5:31 AM

Looks like a special session will be required to get some kind of plan. The only people actually working to find a workable solution are Rybak and Dayton along with a few DFL legislators. Although I don't support public money for stadium expenditures that billionaire owners could finance and profit from themselves, I do give these DFL'ers credit for turning over just about every financing gimmick and potential site. Republicans on the other hand have been just about as disingenuous on this issue as possible. As in other recent legislative sessions, they do not honor commitments and cannot be trusted to bargain honestly. They are the worst type of legislative colleagues: unpredictable,deceptive and ideologically rigid.


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