Minneapolis' shelter overrun with pit bull dog breeds

  • Article by: MARY JANE SMETANKA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 1, 2012 - 9:46 PM

Rescue groups can't keep up with the number of abused, abandoned dogs.

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freak00069May. 1, 12 8:45 PM

its a shame these owners aren't taking care of their animals....the shelter isn't the bad guy here.

BUDMay. 1, 12 9:16 PM

WE have had two pit bulls. They were fabulous dogs. Loving,caring and sweet. Treat them right and you have a loyal friend for life.

jbandk9sMay. 1, 12 9:34 PM

Breed discrimination is Bull Pit. At the end of the day, a dog is a dog. You have to judge every dog as an individual. Every dog has the potential to be a good dog and every dog has the potential to be a vicious dog. It’s all in the socialization and the training. I know for fact the GOOD dogs are being killed by MACC and its heartbreaking to see this happening in my own city. I would like to see MACC step up and look around at the many shelters and animal services that have implemented successful programs to allow the public to adopt bully breeds. We need to do better, many other cities are having success and we are still killing GOOD dogs.

viktorvaughnMay. 1, 12 9:59 PM

Pitbulls are naturally sweet loving dogs. Excellent with children. I'm sad that it's so fashionable to victimize them in this way. Thanks to the volunteers for screening out the sweethearts and trying to find them homes.

witz0007May. 1, 1210:02 PM

Perhaps MACC would like to explain why it has declined to approve any more rescue groups who can pull bully breed dogs until later this fall, even though they are absolutely clear on the fact that this means more dead pit bulls? They have volunteers clamoring to help them check references so that they can approve rescues more quickly - but they simply refuse to do so. I would love for Mr. Nizolek to explain this to me and the dog-loving public. As to Duke's horrifying, tragic death (several rescues were working on pulling him) - let's ask Mr. Nizolek how many open kennels were available when they killed Duke. The shelter was not remotely full, and his death was sad, arbitrary, and 100% unnecessary. Let's also talk about the general policies at MACC. Minneapolis/St. Paul does NOT have breed-specific legislation, which means that any law-abiding pet owner can adopt a pit bull. Why then, does MACC insist on segregating these dogs (who are deemed to be pit bulls or bully breed mixes based solely on the visual evaluation of untrained animal control employees) from the rest of the dogs, including denying them access to all but a small number of volunteers who can offer them socialization, attention, and affection. MACC is, by default, practicing BSL. Quit blaming only the public for the plight of the pit bull. Minneapolis Animal Care and Control has the means to change the outcomes for these dogs, but they are simply refusing to do so. Yes, irresponsible pet owners are a frustrating problem, but I find it much more frustrating that a public agency, funded by tax dollars, is blaming the public for a problem that it has the means to alleviate. Mr. Nizolek - approve some more rescue groups so that more bully breed dogs can be saved. You do not have the excuse of ignorance, which seems to leave only laziness as an explanation for your horrifying inaction. This is completely unacceptable. Quit making excuses and get it done. We can save more dogs. Just let us. -Cathie Witzel katierose8832@hotmail.com

sternitzkyMay. 1, 1210:08 PM

Pit bulls can be great dogs, but too many end up with owners that are less than great.

jtriceMay. 1, 1211:20 PM

Plus one for Pits as family dogs. My best dog ever.

tookieblvdMay. 1, 1211:51 PM

Well produced video! I've heard so many terrible stories about pits--It should not be legal to own them. I was at an house concert when a guy with a pit was screaming at the stage and no one could bounce him because his lethal defender was by his side. An isolated incident admittedly but it's just nerve wracking to have them around.

sevnofnynMay. 2, 1212:24 AM

Pit bulls and any animal really are often the victims of crappy people and crappy policies. I have a cat that at one time came from what we think was a potentially abusive home and would attack unprovoked and now is like jello when you hold him and the biggest cuddle monster. My experience with the pit bulls I have known has been that they have been huge cuddle monsters because they lived with people that respected them and loved them- it is a breed that has been bred to please people from what I understand. I wish more action was taken against people who were cruel to animals or did not get them spayed or neutered (and more people should probably be spayed or neutered too judging the cruelty some humans afflict on other humans and animals too).

Minnesoda73May. 2, 1212:39 AM

Pit bulls are like German Shepherds. If well socialized (and not beaten and made to fight), they are good pets. However, saying that you had a pit bull and it has never attacked you means very little. The pit bull was bred to hunt wild boar. Like German Shepherd, if their "switch" is flipped, God help you. It's not the dogs fault. The right dog for the right home. A golden retriever is always a safe bet. My sister was once bitten by a moose. More dogs, more happy less stressed people.


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