GOP firm's 'CEOs' in the dark

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 29, 2012 - 7:55 AM

Men listed as chief executives of a company created to handle 2010 recount debt are dumbfounded that their names were sent to the state.

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orvestaApr. 28, 1211:17 PM

Here's an idea on how to pay back your debt: Cut more programs for the middle class and poor, give your supporters more tax cuts, then combine some of the money from both those GOP stalwart commandments and pay off your debt.

This way you won't be breaking the Eighth Commandment to the GOP lawyers you owe money to, even if you are breaking the Eighth Commandment to people you just don't like: Those with less money than you.

viktorvaughnApr. 29, 1212:16 AM

I'm amazed how the party of fiscal responsibility and family values has so vividly painted themselves as incompetent, irresponsible, immoral, pontificating hypocrites.

Mippy1Apr. 29, 1212:19 AM

re:"...Republicans would prefer to pay debts back, even if it takes some time.">>>>There is absolutely zero evidence of this on either the state or national level. This fake corporation was obviously formed for one reason only: To declare bankruptcy as soon as it's politically safe to do so, and stiff all of the people the "corporation" owes money to. Guaranteed.

wcentralApr. 29, 1212:20 AM

We've had rumors and innuendo about GOP sexual shenanigans, budget mishandling, and currently the complete disarray and poor conduct as the session ends. The only thing apparent is that the truth is always worse than any rumor. I think they are living to rue the day they kicked out their moral compass both Gov Arne Carson and Sen. Durenberger.

gking2mnApr. 29, 12 6:55 AM

That is what shell companies are, someone will get charged criminally. the state ag office is involved in this now. these republicans really played games all the way back to TP tenure

BBJoeApr. 29, 12 7:28 AM

Try to compare this cluster to anything the DFL has done over the past 20 years. You can't do it because nothing compares with this collosal ethical, moral, business, political debacle. This is not meant to prop up the DFL but to condemn the GOP. Between this financial and ethical mess and the Broadkorb and Koch fling, it would be truly embarassing to be a Republican in MN today. Please raise the bar.

patwellsApr. 29, 12 8:00 AM

Citizens of both parties should demand accountability with regard to the financial dealings of either party.

ginny6Apr. 29, 12 8:04 AM

Who would let these people be in charge of state government?

sundialApr. 29, 12 8:20 AM

Who would let these people be in charge of state government? We would and we did. Let's correct that mistake in November.

BBJoeApr. 29, 12 8:26 AM

There are too many people working for either party who provide no value to the average Minnesotan. Michael Broadkorb of the GOP recently comes to mine, a flamethrower who became powerful in the party. They don't impact issues like healthcare, housing, roads, schools, or even finances. They just work to get people elected. What a waste. Purge them both, but start with this corrupt and current GOP leadership.


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