Anderson: How to share Mille Lacs walleye?

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 29, 2012 - 4:32 PM

An 1837 treaty and the Supreme Court say the fruits of Lake Mille Lacs must be divided between Chippewa bands and sport anglers. The bands' plan is to add to its take over the next five years.

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connnerApr. 28, 12 7:13 PM

Yes, this is fine. The tribes should carry on with traditional fishing techniques, wooden canoes, torches, wooden spears, etc. 1 million power headlamps with iron spears not modern nets, etc.

ramseymanApr. 28, 12 7:36 PM

This is a real shame. I can not believe anyone can justify the bands "right" to do this. The Bands should not be able to pick and choose when they are a sovereign nation and when they want to be part of the USA. End ALL government subsidies to the Tribes NOW!

ramseymanApr. 28, 12 7:43 PM

Where's the equality these harvest numbers? How many band memebrs are there? 50,000?; 60,000? So 169,000 lbs divided by lets say 60,000 people vs. 357,000 pounds or whatever it is for real Americans divided by 1 Million people who fish Mille Lacs in a year. hardly seems fair and equitable to me.

rballmanApr. 28, 12 7:52 PM

I guess I don't understand why 6 Wisconsin tribes have fishing rights at Mil Lacs Lake in Minnesota. I never was aware of this before. Generally, I am apposed to the way the tribes get to net walleyes during the spawn when the rest of Minnesota is outlawed from taking walleyes at the same time....and other gamefish, not just walleyes. Typical double standard set forth by our wonderful and (sym)pathetic government....

orr333Apr. 28, 12 8:12 PM

We need to support the resorts on Mille Lacs by not allowing this. The resorts will struggle more than they do already. Rumor has the tribes too a state record muskie in a net this year. Nothing but a waste and a shame.

gt6511Apr. 28, 1211:17 PM

Some numbers - there are approximately 35 thousand band members versus approximately 11 million non-band members in MN and WI (a ratio of over 300 to 1). A fair sharing of this resource should be based on this ratio.

switchitApr. 28, 1211:40 PM

What Mr. Anderson fails to do here is give us the information we need to know about this - namely, why the increase? And the article does nothing to answer the headline. How would you expect anything but knee-jerk reactions on the comments board with the information provided in the article? OK, fine, I see the numbers, I see the quotas set/missed, distribution among the tribes, treaty agreements, etc. but to paraphrase doctrine that quotes 'based on the band's...needs and desires'? Come on, expound on that so the arguments can be put into perspective, so the sport anglers can understand better why this has come up. It would be helpful to chronicle this activity from net to plate, and what happens in between because, as one commenter pointed out, the numbers don't seem to add up for reasonable distribution and consumption. I'm left guessing though because of the non-detail this article provides.

akmscottApr. 28, 1211:43 PM

Quit stocking the lake-now!

itsmyboatApr. 29, 12 6:46 AM

Let's see, the US forces the Chippewa to sign an inequitable treaty and then those commenting here complain when the tribes insist the US lives up to its terms?

sjfellegyApr. 29, 12 7:06 AM

Keep in mind, the "need" for this Tribal harvest, based in "subsistance needs", costs the State of Mn./Federal government several million $$ to manage each year. The end cost of the fillets each year if purchased from a commercial supplier and NOT netted from Lake Mille Lacs during the spawning season? About $200,000. So--based on "need" we (the DNR/State/Feds) spend more than ten times the cost of the fish, to satisfy that "need" every year. All that as your Governor Dayton and state and federal reps do nothing. So spend millions to save a couple hundred thousand? LOL


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