Whistleblower: Edina car wash riles neighbor

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  • Updated: April 28, 2012 - 9:37 PM

Edina Car Wash says it has few complaints after years in business. But one woman says it's noisy and mists soap into her yard.

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imperial67Apr. 28, 12 5:13 PM

I guess I can relate with some of her complaints , but I would gladly trade the "tropical smell" she is getting in her yard ,with the smoke /burning wood smell I live with from May to September courtesy of my partying neighbors and their Bonfires.

aaronmdApr. 28, 12 5:14 PM

"My parents bought a house next to a business that has been operating for 10 years but they have to change because I'm not happy." Nowhere in the story does it sound like the car wash procedures have changed so the parents should have done better due diligence before they bought.

billiebob345Apr. 28, 12 5:28 PM

A buyer of a property needs to be aware of exactly what they are purchasing and who their neighbors are before they buy. The carwash was their prior to the house purchase by the current home owner. Perhaps the home owner needs to put up the higher fence.

joshwarren84Apr. 28, 12 5:42 PM

Don't live there then, it's not the companies' fault you moved there when they were there first. Why can't she build a big fence? I see she isn't volunteering to foot the bill for it.

minn12Apr. 28, 12 6:09 PM

Ridiculous. The business was there first. The city measured the sound, and it was within limits. And it's more than just 'one house away'. The picture shows the car wash is also apparently across an alley or street from the house next door, looks like at least a couple hundred feet away. And based on the picture, it also seems her neighbor's house might actually be between her house and the car wash, creating a buffer. As the car wash guy said, why buy a house next to an airport, and then complain about the noise??

antisuburbsApr. 28, 1210:46 PM

Even if they closed the doors for the wash, wouldn't they still be open for the dryer blast, as that is when you drive out of the building?

railroadApr. 29, 12 1:49 AM

Dont buy a house next to a business... that was the first sign of trouble... you bought it you live with it...

gofigerApr. 29, 12 8:08 AM

"I liken it to moving next to the airport and saying, 'The planes are noisy." - Business was there before your parents bought the home. You should be mad at them for their neglect. I love how people move somewhere and then feel the need to complain about their decision. Maybe next time their planning should be better.

suefranpatApr. 29, 12 9:50 AM

So what is everyone's solution for residential properties surrounding businesses that generate high levels of noise? Only the poor should live there and since that isn't "me", tough luck? Imagine any city's horror if suddenly no one purchased these properties. Oops, there goes the tax base. It's NEVER as easy as most of you make it out to be.

bleavitApr. 29, 1210:30 AM

I assume from the timing of the article that this is not that much of a problem in the winter when the doors are kept shut. I also see from the picture that the entrance end of the car wash is closest to the residences. This would meen that the air dryers are at the other end of the building but pointed toward the entrance and the residences. Closing the entrance door is the solution.


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