Stadium could get House, Senate votes this weekend

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 28, 2012 - 7:32 AM

A bruising hearing and a 7-6 vote set stage for a weekend showdown.

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DufferHApr. 27, 1210:22 PM

Again Rosen and Skoe: How much would this cost YOUR constituents in Fairmont and Clearwater?

rotsternApr. 27, 1210:27 PM

"Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, the chief Senate bill sponsor, said adding racino would politically sink the entire stadium bill.." that is IT! now it's toast.. get it yet, dayton? the ONE THING that could keep them here was racino.. people DON'T WANT TO PLAY IPAD PULL TABS.. they want to play SLOT MACHINES.. granted, that would pull about 5% of the profits from the THREE HUNDRED INDIANS AT MYSTIC LAKE.. but, as i'm sure you'll find out at the next election, you morons, you'll get a lot more votes from those THREE HUNDRED INDIANS than from THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND TAXPAYING VIKINGS FANS... NOT!!

josh55303Apr. 27, 1210:29 PM

Where is Vergas at??? And how do they get a say in this stadium??

gibsonisApr. 27, 1210:33 PM

Too bad Senator Rosen and others can't be straightforward and say "We can't do the Racino because the tribal casino monopoly won't allow it. Even though they pay no taxes, they control public policy in Minnesota." Who cares that 75% of Minnesotans support the Racino.?

stoneageApr. 27, 1210:34 PM

""What I'm hearing all over the state," Rosen said, "is just get this done."........Then you have very selective hearing, Ms. Rosen. This is a BAD deal for Minnesotans and especially for Minneapolis residents. Shame on you!

drudgemonkeyApr. 27, 1210:37 PM

I hope it passes, but given the politics, seems like a less than 40% shot this gets approval by Senate and House by Tuesday. Enjoy that draft party, Vikings' fans. It may be your last.

mno0624Apr. 27, 1210:42 PM

Interesting how Racino and and White Earth funding plans get rejected as our legislators take commands from Mystic Lake and Grand Casinos.

amgtbflApr. 27, 1210:44 PM

Get it done!

sharkysharkApr. 27, 1210:55 PM

Rosen must be spending too much time listening to Larry Spooner. Almost nobody that I've asked thinks we need a new stadium.

rshacklefordApr. 27, 1210:57 PM

"...Vikings officials sat glumly as legislative opponents spent hours intensely questioning what had been seen as relatively minor -- and, to some, generally accepted -- parts of the project's public subsidy package." ---- Wilf's lobbyists are feeling glum because the citizens' representatives are questioning the free tax money that citizens are supposed to be happy about giving away? Pathetic. There is 'NOTHING MINOR' or 'GENERALLY ACCEPTED' about giving away free money to an organization that can PAY ITS OWN WAY and uses EXTORTION as its modus operandi to feed its greed! Cincinnati sold a hospital, for crying out loud, in order to pay for their stadium's cost overruns. The Wilf lobbyists are feeling very scared that this whole charade of 'we are going to move WILF'S TEAM elsewhere' is not working as it should. Our legislators had better read the Strib article 'Public on hook for Vikings stadium overruns' and the comments made by the people! I wonder if Rosen thinks she is actually working on some sort of Seward's Folly that will eventually pay off. It will NOT except to the NFL owners who will make so much money off of us taxpayers.


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