Dayton vetoes abortion bill

  • Article by: JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 26, 2012 - 10:03 PM

A House bill targeting abortion pill also faces a likely veto.

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z71broApr. 26, 1210:22 PM

I don't support abortion. But I surely don't support the government acting like big brother, so thank you governor.

kvarnoldApr. 26, 1210:32 PM

Thank you Governor Dayton, keep them out of our lives...

martytoilApr. 26, 1211:01 PM

Thank you Mr. Dayton. I think it is time to go to bed now. I think I will take some aspirin first. Should I make sure that I call my doctor first, some people have adverse reaction you know.

imkirokApr. 26, 1211:36 PM

The GOP/Tea Party came in saying they were going to have a "laser focus on jobs." Instead, all they've done is focused on divisive social issues like abortion and gay marriage. They had their chance and they blew it. Vote them out in November.

jerat544Apr. 27, 12 5:23 AM

I did not vote for Gov Dayton, but thank the Lord he won! This is only about restricting abortion and making it difficult for anyone seeking help. Why is it that the Conservative right is so obsessed with sex?? S-e-x?

ccrocksApr. 27, 12 6:11 AM

man when can we vote dayton out this guy has no clue how to be a gov.

ericgus55Apr. 27, 12 9:59 AM

Focus on prevention and WHY women would make the choice to end a pregnancy (health care costs, social stigma, etc.), and work on improvements in those areas. Reduce the demand rather than restricting the supply, if it's truly about reducing the number of abortions. Safe, legal, and rare.

ljturtleApr. 27, 1210:15 AM

Thank you, thank you, and bless you Governor Dayton for vetoing this bill. And by the way, can we please stop referring to a morning after pill as an abortion pill? This pill prevents a possible pregnancy from occurring. It does not abort any zygote or embryo already attached to the wall of a uterus. Which Republican thought up that phrase??

thedanmanApr. 27, 1211:14 AM

"I still don't feel we're protecting women's health" - Republican senator. **** It's because you're not. It's soley about your misguided belief in preventing free people from making their own choices. Peppin also knows there have been many more deaths from viagra than birth control pills (lump them as you see fit), but that conveniently isn't mentioned in their half-truth rhetoric. It's very sad this is a political issue. Both sides have their faults on several issues such as this.

blklabApr. 27, 1211:32 AM

"This bill is about women's health," said House sponsor Rep. Joyce Peppin, R-Rogers. "Several women have died or been hospitalized. This does not do anything to make the drug illegal or the procedure illegal -- it just simply says a doctor has to be present if the drug is to be administered. I don't know how that could be in any way a negative, because it is just simply looking out for the health of the mother." Rep Peppin should also know that Viagra, commonly prescribed by doctors to treat male erectile dysfunction, is turning up too often at the scene of heart attack death in relatively young men. So if the point is to protect the health of the patient, then these pills should be included also. We won't see that happening. If they are so concerned with protecting the health of the mother shouldn't they also be concerned with the health of the father. Oh right, men wouldn't put up with that. Hypocrites.


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