Invasive species bill targets Minnesota boaters

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  • Updated: April 27, 2012 - 10:05 AM
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tcatheartApr. 26, 1210:06 PM

Two things that make me scratch my head...1) they seem to be taking a "guilty until proven innocent approach" and 2) If you're going to have something like this and TRULY wanted to stop invasive species, why would the penalty be a warning? That doesn't deter people, including myself, from "breaking the law". Let me be clear, I am not advocating for people to leave weeds on their trailer. I am still going to clean my boat and trailer and do all of the other necessary actions before leaving the landing. However, if the only risk of not getting an inspection is a warning, why go through all the hassle?

ndsulakesApr. 26, 1210:11 PM

you're gonna make 800,000 full grown men take tests?? ha ha ha, nanny state. Just make each lakeshore association volunteer 6am-midnight at the public access for people GOING IN! if every boat is stopped going in, you dont have to worry about going out.

jhb8426Apr. 26, 1210:35 PM

Sounds like a new jobs bill to me. So who's going to pay for an inspector at every boat launch in the state?

anewmanApr. 26, 1210:46 PM

What we really need is some control of invasive government.

rshacklefordApr. 26, 1211:13 PM

"The bill also requires boat owners to pass a course on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species before they could trailer their boats anywhere." ---- The DNR is going to teach boaters and fishermen MICROBIOLOGY? Then give them a shiny sticker and no punishment if they don't practice what they've learned? Yeah, this will work great. Only in Minnesota...

kkjerApr. 26, 1211:31 PM

This is a perfect example of our Republican legislature cutting the size of our state government and cutting expenses. God, I will never vote for one of them again. I have a boat and I think I am like most fisherman and boaters, I very carefully check my boat for anything after I get of the lake and then when I get home I check it again before I go anywhere else.

WaterloverApr. 27, 1212:50 AM

Sweet, if I break the law I only get a warning! Talk about freaking stupid. Anyone voting for this weak ass law should be voted out of office.

olneymacApr. 27, 12 2:38 AM

So, you have an inspection going in, a check point going out, and inspections on the water by the water patrol. Most all the lakes are already infested with milfoil and all the popular lakes have them Zebra mussels, typical government officials, a day late to the party and they have to borrow the price of admission.

tgcloughApr. 27, 12 5:56 AM

Well we have been demanding a "Jobs" bill and they have finally come up with one. The only problem is, is that there is no money to pay for it and if there was, with over 10,000 lakes in the state it will become just another big expensive bureaucracy.

uranid10tApr. 27, 12 6:36 AM

How about checking ocean vessels coming into the Great Lakes carrying these invasive species ? It's NOT the inland boaters that started this mess. Wake Up start checking ocean going ships they dumb bilge into our lakes and that's ok... Where is their sticker and test and FINE... make them pay to clean up this mess.... Grrrrrr


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