Racinos, St. Paul add new drama to Vikings stadium proposal

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA and JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: April 26, 2012 - 6:24 AM

Unexpected move to add racinos to funding mix for Vikings stadium tosses project into new uncertainty.

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grapeape1969Apr. 25, 1210:13 PM

Haven't there been a few polls that show a majority of people think it's OK to have the racinos? Are racinos REALLY going to put the Indian run casinos out of business? I hardly think so. Do it! That way if you don't want to support the stadium don't go to the racino. And this won't raise taxes to the general populace.

kennyrogersApr. 25, 1210:16 PM

I don't know a thing about casinos or racinos, but I think gambling would be a lovely way to fund a Viking stadium. They could invent something like Viking Age slots, where lovely and powerful Zigbertha exhorts you on to victory. Wager between 2¢ and $5 and the Viking Captain (or so we’ll call him) is the highest paying symbol, up to $7,500 on a single spin. . Three or more Viking helmet symbols open the Lombardi Trophy round, and three or more of the arm wrestling symbols enters a bonus round, where you choose one of the two burly Vikings, Ragnar or Hagar the Horrible, and cheer them on in the greatest competition of strength to run up a big coin prize. It sounds crazy, but it just might work!

wtfwaldoApr. 25, 1210:32 PM

This was a smart political move by the Tax Committee, and the fact it only mustered 3 votes against in committee is a positive sign that they have a back up plan should electronic pull tabs fall short of their revenue goals. If they use racino as a triggered piece of legislation that only comes to be if pull tabs fall short of 90% of their revenue targets...those who vote for the Stadium aren't voting for Racino; they're voting for pulltabs and have confidence the revenue projections will be met. If they don't, they can always say "Who knew?" Personally, I'd rather see the Target Center torn down, move the T-wolves to the X, and let the Minneapolitonians have the new vikings stadium. Why does Minneapolis care about the Target Center, particularly if it's such a drain on the residents? Rather than pouring more money into it and pissing off Chris Coleman, just let the Wolves and Wild share the same building, and let Minneapolis residents take the new light rail over to St. Paul for b-ball games.

erikj3Apr. 25, 1210:36 PM

This thing has devolved into a complete farce. It's just embarrassing watching these politicians fall all over each other trying to find a way to shovel money into the pockets of an out of state billionaire. It would be bad enough selling bonds to pay for Wilf's playground, but to have our funding come from gambling is unconscionable. Hopefully there will be a vote soon, so we know exactly who to boot out of office in November!

irelandguyApr. 25, 1210:37 PM

Senator Thompson is one of the last true public servants standing. Unfortunately, most of the Legislature appears to have lined up with Mr. Wilf against the taxpayers.

popsputterApr. 25, 1210:54 PM

For those of you who are so ignorant of the stadium situation vs taxes and revenue. Get informed, pleasee. The stadium isn't a playground for a billionaire. The Vikings will use it 10 times a year excluding playoffs. The rest of the year it will be used by a multitde of revenue producing events good for the state coffers. This is not to mention the thousands of jobs the stadium will creat thus contributing to the tax revenue for the state. Weigh that against the taxes and revenue lost should the Vikings move. Then again, perhaps you like the state borrowing against the state's education budget to balance the budget. 2 years in a row now and that will continue should the Vikings move. But that's ok. MInnesota can become the state of illiteracy. Our politicians are making us look like a laughing stock with their moronic bumbling of this issue. Politicians beware of the backlash should you vote against it.

JFREDPETEApr. 25, 1210:56 PM

At last a funding source that sounds reliable - A racino. Too bad the Indian gaming lobby will squash this.

mntwinfan11Apr. 25, 1211:05 PM

Why is the stadium bill not considered a bonding bill? Bonding bills have to pass the legislature with a super majority. This is funding infrastructure by issuing bonds. The repair of the capital failed with 80 votes because it wasn't a super majority. How is the stadium bill different.

andybobolsonApr. 25, 1211:07 PM

"The rest of the year it will be used by a multitde of revenue producing events good for the state coffers." You've got to be kidding me? Unless Billy Graham miraculously recovers his health and decides to start holding weekly prayer meetings, the stadium will produce maybe of a handful of revenue producing events a year. Do you have any idea what the operational costs are for a stadium of that size?

rshacklefordApr. 25, 1211:10 PM

"Senate Republicans spent much of the day...warning that state taxpayers could ultimately have to pay for the project and arguing that the stadium's large public subsidy went against the party's conservative principles." ---- Please do keep the following in mind while doing your elected job of representing your constituents: "Nice going Dems who said that needlessly funding the wealthy wasn't going to happen any longer. Nice going Repubs who said that government wasn't going to regulate/interfere in business or increase taxes on the people. By voting for this unneeded stadium, you're reneging on the most important of your own beliefs and promises to the taxpayer. You are all scared of a multi-billion-dollar entertainment machine that can be watched for free on television and well-afford its own brick-and-mortar infrastructure. If this force-fed joke of a bill passes, we will need to give some new people the opportunity to represent us taxpayers. cc: Taxes Committee"


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