Changes will include draft pick

  • Article by: KENT YOUNGBLOOD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 26, 2012 - 3:59 PM

Landing Utah's first-round pick is another asset to aid the building process.

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slammanApr. 25, 1211:58 PM

Let Coach Adelman make all the moves, including the draft pick from Utah.

snoozecruiseApr. 26, 1212:29 AM

Kevin, why don't you take a slight salary cut, say, of 2 or 3 mil per year, so that there is more cap space to sign other players. That would show me that you're a "team first" guy. Also, get ALL of the whining out of your system over the summer, and play some consistent defense next year. That would be another sign that you truly are a "team first" guy.

snoozecruiseApr. 26, 1210:22 AM

One more thing, Kevin: MOVE THE BALL!

dexter52Apr. 26, 1210:50 AM

@snoozecruise you must not have watched a lot of games this season to see the potential of an MVP candidate...or you're just blind of the skills Love has when he was playing almost 40 minutes a game.

snoozecruiseApr. 26, 1211:27 AM

Dexter, Love is without a doubt a GREAT scorer and rebounder. I will admit to NOT understanding players crippling the teams they play for by always going for the most amount of money possible. The pie is only so big. I do, however, know that this is the way it is. Even our own Joe Mauer went after every last penny, which hampers the Twins ability to add other pieces. I'm just taking a little of my frustration with "the way things are" out on Love. He IS horrible on defense, though, and he DID leave his teammates hung out to dry by not getting back on defense too many times this past season. And yet people lament Beasely's poor defense regularly. Both Love and the Bease are subpar defenders, but for some reason Love gets a pass from most people. As for playing 40 minutes a game, that falls on Adelman. Compare how he substitutes with Popovich. The latter helps his players develop by playing them regularly, rather than burying them on the bench for four weeks and then suddenly tossing them out there. He seems to know that the psyche of young players is fragile, and to bury them on the bench does more harm than good--in both the short and long term. I realize that my viewpoint is not one that will fly with most people, but I always enjoy the conversation.

MuddyOasisApr. 26, 1212:14 PM

If you don't include defensive rebounds as part of defense and then conclude that Love isn't horrible on defense you flat out don't understand the game. Defensive rebounds are defense ! That's why defense is in the phrase ! It's called boxing out and preventing second chance points. Love's pretty good there and thats part of defense. The blanket statement of "Love is horrible at defense," is a useless one. If you get into specifics i.e. he is a limited one on one defender and isn't very good at help D around the rim, then you might have something to agree with. Love is decent at pick n roll defense and great at defensive rebounds....thats the flip side of the defensive coin.

snoozecruiseApr. 26, 1212:36 PM

Muddy, I agree. My bad. Should have said,"(very)limited one on one defender and isn't very good at (or committed to) help defense around the rim," To which I will add, he has complained on too many occasions to the officials, resulting in his teammates playing four on five, and the opposeing teams have often scored an easy basket as a result. (If Beasely did that as much as Love did, he'd be getting ripped royally, hence I wonder about a double standard that favors Love.) "Horrible defense" was a global statement and, like most global statements, an inaccurate one, so thanks for the correction. Let me ask you this, I know Beasely seems to zone out at times, but do you think he can become a good enough defensive player to start or at least get 30 minutes off the bench? And, do you think management should try to sign him? I know you are defensive oriented (obsessed?), but the object is to score more than the opponent, and the Bease can score. Plus, Beasely's got a pretty good handle and can take it to the hoop. He can also block and/or alter shots, which is something Love can't do. I still think they could be one of the great frontcourt tandems of all time, and I think Beasely would be much more effective as a starter.

oldmannickelApr. 26, 1212:38 PM

Just secure a solid SG that can be inserted into the starting line up right off the bat, perferably a vet, for next year. I wouldn't mind seeing us draft a rookie SG, but I'm weary that we would end up drafting Wes Johnson V.2.0.

MuddyOasisApr. 26, 1212:52 PM

Oldmannickel - Do you mean you hope the Wolves don't draft a shooting guard version of Wes Johnson ? I think thats what you mean, because in order to draft Version 2.0 of Wes we'd have to draft a know, the spot Wes played the entire year....

dbk2465Apr. 26, 12 2:31 PM

People rip Beasely and not Love because of all the other ways Love contributes to the team. If Beasely played as hard and did as much as Love fans would be much more sympathetic to Beasely. Saying that I also think people forget how young players like Beasely and Randolph are. Some people and players just take longer to mature than others. I do believe both players will be very good basketball players some day but probably not with the Wolves. Finally, lets hope Utah loses tonight and Philly and NY win. Wolves would get to pick at 15 in the Draft.


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