Bureau of Labor Statistics says Wisconsin lost more jobs in past year than any other state

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: April 25, 2012 - 8:48 AM
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one4thepeepsApr. 25, 12 9:40 AM

It's high time for scorched earth Republicans like Scott Walker to catch the last train to Escanaba. They promise "jobs, jobs, jobs" while attacking middle class employees, decimating women's rights, attacking gays and immigrants, and stealing money from schools to pay for corporate cronyism. In the deep south, such ignorance might be acceptable, but not in the upper Midwest, where an educated citizenry works toward tolerance and fairness for all. His record? One of turning neighbor against neighbor. The only winners under the Walker adminstration were the Koch Brothers. Sayanora to Escanaba, Walker.

swmnguyApr. 25, 1210:12 AM

This is what happens when the Elites extract everything they can from what's left of the Middle Class. And despite what the Elites tell you, Government workers are Middle Class. They pay taxes, buy things, and support the community. The fact that their paychecks come from taxes is irrelevant. In the private sector, those management positions would be paid much more money, and that money comes from the public as well.

Walker is a puppet of the elites. They're trying to steal everythign they can from the public. The only reason they get away with it is that for some reason, some people think it's better to pay $100 to a corporation than $50 in taxes. Those are the people who vote for the Scott Walkers of the world, and those are the people the Walkers victimize first. I know; my brother-in-law is one of them. Now he's seeing, in his bank account, how stupid he was to be fooled by Scott Walker.

theagonybhoApr. 25, 1210:14 AM

If thats what it takes to Government spending in line then so be it, if you lost that many private sector jobs i would be concerned.

minnesotachaApr. 25, 1211:09 AM

The Republicans here (and conservatives in Europe, for that matter) are going to great lengths to prove that Keynes actually kinda knew what the heck he was talking about. Turns out not spending money doesn't grow the economy after all.

drposterApr. 25, 1211:09 AM

You can't make stuff like this up! Thank you for showing the world your logic. "The fact that their paychecks come from taxes is irrelevant."

brainerdguyApr. 25, 1211:13 AM

republicons call this GOOD NEWS!!!!!

advantageme2Apr. 25, 1211:17 AM

If you are on the fence or all for the governor's view of economics, please listen to the phone recording session when Walker thought he was talking to one of the Koch brothers. The motivation for his agenda becomes quite clear. He is not on your side. You will not gain from his policies.

LakeliverApr. 25, 1211:19 AM

theagonybho Please actually read the article with care before commenting. Jeeez.

flipper24Apr. 25, 1211:29 AM

if these govt job workers earned only $20.00 per hour, not including any other cost associated with a workers total cost, that is a 740 Million dollar savings. but $20.00 is not the true cost, so just for kicks, lets say over a billion dollars in savings. but hey, lets just raise taxes to keep tax payer paid jobs going....

flipper24Apr. 25, 1211:33 AM

swmnguy : really? they are paying taxes with tax payers money. Gov't jobs have a place, and many are very important and totally necessary. but don't ever think that these jobs grow the economy. only profit can grow anything. Ever see a company grow that lost money every year? (other than the gov't, like the Post Office.)


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