Vikings stadium plan takes on an 'air of inevitability'

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 25, 2012 - 7:01 AM

Measure passed one Senate panel and was headed to another, paving the way for a possible final vote soon.

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chlyn001Apr. 24, 1211:32 PM

Go Vikes.

waterdogzApr. 25, 1212:19 AM

"This is far less a home for the Vikings than a community asset," said John Griffith, Target's executive vice president for property development. Not even any of my pro-stadium friends would try that level of "fertilizer." Does this man have no intellectual honesty? Lobbying at its worst.

erikj3Apr. 25, 1212:54 AM

The NFL commissioner came here because the NFL is desperate to keep the taxpayer funded stadium con going. Does anyone realize that the original Yankee Stadium was paid for by the OWNERS of the Yankees, and they did so at great risk? Now any risk is shoved off onto taxpayers, while the owners get all the reward (no matter what the outcome). It's just plain disgusting.

hauts81Apr. 25, 12 1:05 AM

Yeah, Mr. Thompson. That big bad Vikings lobby that has been trying to get a new stadium for 15 years has been really effective, hasn't it? The clowns in the legislature had more than enough time to come up with a stadium plan that lessened the hit in the taxpayers, and they did nothing. Now the lease is up and you're colleagues are realizing they have to do something if they want to keep the Vikings here.

comradeApr. 25, 12 2:15 AM

So the big hitters from the banking and business community threw their weight behind the taxpayer funding of a stadium which will benefit them. Let these so called leaders ante up the cash or shut up. I'm sick of being ripped off and abused by the Roger Goodells and Wilfs of the world. These shameless parasites and their puppets in the media and government are an ethical disgrace. I'll believe the vikings are a "community asset" when I get my stock certificates for the team in the mail. An asset is something you own. Since the taxpayers get NO payback for anything, we don't own stock in the team and they are not any asset to anyone but Goodell and Wilfy.

aonealphaApr. 25, 12 3:34 AM

Here we go again. Spend more, spend more and spend more yet. The $1 billion Vikings stadium is going to wind up costing $2 billion in public monies in interest and principal payments for Vikings, Target Center, Xcel Center, Saints Stadium and whatever else legislators dream up. I bet Duluth gets money out of this too.

meemaaApr. 25, 12 4:13 AM

The NFL shows up flashing a smile and all the little ducklings fall in line???!!! Since they are so gullible let the majority of mn decide. Hold a vote. If it is fairly done and the outcome is in favor of giving the Wilfs a handout-so be it. The loons in the legislature can't seem to function.

bluewaterdanApr. 25, 12 4:58 AM

From today's Tribune: The city has pledged $150 million for construction and $189 million for operations. But at a public hearing Tuesday, the city's chief finance officer said the city's contribution would actually amount to $675 million when accounting for interest payments.

J_DubyaApr. 25, 12 5:42 AM

Hopefully, it will be passed, the vocal minority of opposition will fade away, and just like Target Field, we'll all be happy the Vikings have a new stadium in a few years.

freedomman12Apr. 25, 12 5:48 AM

The debate over the stadium is wearing me out. The problem is that the debate is between the NFL and elected officials who have the power to spend other people's money on entertainment. Spending other people's money on entertainment should not be up for discussion. It's not government's job to provide us with entertainment. If I want to start a business, I should not be able to force my neighbors pay for over half of my expenses. Obviously, many of us, even a few Republicans, can't understand that basic concept. And for the record, spending other people's money doesn't improve the economy. It unwisely shifts the money around without the permission of those who earned it.


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