The real media bias is for the horse race

  • Article by: JOHN RASH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 24, 2012 - 12:27 PM

New study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism shows that Romney beat Obama in positive press coverage.

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Mippy1Apr. 23, 12 7:56 PM

re: "...As respected as Pew is, and exhaustive as the study is, the data won't end the debate over campaign coverage..." >>>>A big part of that is because qualifications and expertise no longer have meaning in most of our political debate. The media are too often guilty of ignoring qualified and well crafted positions, giving equal or greater standing to nonsensical and sensational claims spouted by "entertainers" and "commentators" who know precisely nothing about the subjects they bloviate on.

one4thepeepsApr. 23, 12 8:37 PM

The media exists for one singular reason: to make money. When the Iraqi war was starting we saddled up "embedded" reporters to get a front row view rather than think about whether allegations of WMD's were true. We are the creatures of spectacle, who crane our necks at the wrecks on the highway, and the media appeals to our base instincts, stoking fears of oil shortages, terrorists, illegal immigrants or just plain old winter storms. The right wing outrage over so-called media bias is completely misplaced as this article points out. The media has every reason to tear Obama down, knowing what a milquetoast candidate they have in Mittens. They'll make this a close race, so they can make a bigger profit. Sadly, like everything else in American politics today, money is what it's all about.

totaltruthApr. 23, 12 9:14 PM

Pew obviously has never read the Minneapolis Star/Tribune!!!!!

cstoney48Apr. 23, 12 9:41 PM

The real media bias is toward controversy hucksterism because--as Willie Sutton said (well maybe)--"its where the money is". Issues, information, programs and problems--why bother? Boring stuff and too difficult to explain! Americans want action in their news--just like watching the fights during the hockey playoffs. Its easy to tell the red guys from the blue guys and it really doesn’t matter if we understand what they are actually saying. We know our teams and we cheer for them. The Founding Fathers would understand. It was pretty much that way then. With talk radio and continuous news op-ed shows, the media has become more sophisticated in manipulating the fans. Despite the Newt’s protestations, the media, mainstream or otherwise, doesn’t really care who wins as long as the game months until the election and then the cycle will be repeated--only at a higher pitch. Its like Christmas shopping--never too early to begin.

justin117Apr. 23, 12 9:51 PM

Quote for the day "Apparently, I'm supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine .."

freedumb86Apr. 23, 1210:17 PM

Global Climate Change is perhaps an even greater example.

ranger1873Apr. 23, 1210:31 PM

And as soon as Mutt becomes the GOP nominee, that balance will change. The MSM knows Romney is the only candidate who could be a convincing stooge for their boss Barack. Now that he's center stage, Romney is done. Just ask John McCain, "the media's favorite Republican" four years ago, how trying to fight state-run media worked out.

zenbergApr. 23, 1211:58 PM

If one follows the flow of money(the hundreds of millions in contributions), one will arrive at the cash registers of the broadcast media outlets. The closer the race, the more dollars come in. Why do you suppose the media favors the horse race and not the issues??? We need to ban broadcast advertising over the publicly-owned airwaves and require licensees to give time to candidates, free of charge, for the exploration of records and formulation of issues. With no place to spend it, the money will no longer control the process.

mort40Apr. 24, 12 5:25 AM

John McCain received positive coverage 4 years ago, at this stage in the race. Once the liberal press got the opponent they wanted, the sharp knives came out and John was know longer their friend. Watch the Obama bias once the nominations are completed.

pdf123Apr. 24, 12 5:41 AM

Very good analysis - I suppose covering the issues actually costs the media outlets more $ and might offend advertisers. Easier to go with the horse race angle.


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