Session-ending deal could still be in the cards

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 23, 2012 - 6:14 AM

Focus is on a Vikings stadium and a bonding bill.

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geezer65Apr. 21, 1210:33 PM

No public funding for the Wilfs and the NFL. They can afford to pay their own way. Stop their extortion!

rshacklefordApr. 21, 1211:02 PM

"It took a personal visit from National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell to revive the stadium bill on Friday, and enthusiasm remains low among rank-and-file GOP lawmakers for big spending commitments." ---- Both parties are against taxpayer funding for an unnecessary stadium. Both libs and cons are also against it. What part of just ignoring the NFL's extortionist demands do our legislators not understand? If it is about the fear of losing an elected position, would they rather maybe lose their job doing (1) the right thing, leaving with a clear conscience, or (2) by first screwing the taxpayers and then getting voted out?

erikj3Apr. 21, 1211:44 PM

How about a constitutional amendment that says that ANY public money for billion dollar businesses (especially where the owner lives in another state) has to be put to a vote? Enough of relying on taxpayers for these huge palaces. As for tax cuts, we've tried them: They don't work! All tax reductions do is allow the rich to become even richer, at the expense of 99% of us.

elmore1Apr. 22, 12 2:22 AM

Build the Arden Hills, White Earth Casino Funded Vikings Stadium and there might be more appetite for a reasonable bonding bill. Lots of short term construction jobs.

budig2000Apr. 22, 12 2:43 AM

What is with all of the negativity? 3 MILLION Minnesotan's cheer on the Vikings every Sunday... All through every abysmal Minnesota winter (at least for the last 50 years or so..),and stand around water coolers all week long, looking forward to doing it again. How much public money goes towards Arts, Parks, and other "non-essential" cutltural purposes? When comparing the dollars with the number of "Users", I think the stadium bill is a bargain compared to some of these other investments. Lighten up people, we are talking pull-tabs here. Keep your money if you like, But let me keep my team.

mister8Apr. 22, 12 6:41 AM

I think the state should use the 500 million dollars they were gonna use for the Vikes stadium and build 500 million dollars in bike paths.

gcrackerApr. 22, 12 7:20 AM

Every proposal I've seen regarding the new Viking stadium says that the state's portion will be paid for by non-tax revenue such as electronic pulltabs, merchandise, personal seat licensing, naming rights, etc. Why are so many anti-stadium people so concerned about how it will affect them? If you don't want to don't have to. This has nothing to do with raising your taxes. Most of the anti-stadium people were also against Target Field. In all honesty, how has the miniscule Hennepin county tax affected your day-to-day lives. You can probably find more change in your sofa cushions than what you pay toward Target Field every year. Get over yourselves people.

rwoodyApr. 22, 12 7:33 AM

Put the racino question on the ballot in Nov - the people in MN will decide the issue our politicians are afraid to touch!!!

rtown1313Apr. 22, 12 7:44 AM

Lefties want money for the art's....Righties want money for businesses.......In case you can't figure it out, the Vikings are both. They are entertainment, and a large employer......Tax cuts for businesses are no different than giving the businesses money directly, and giving money to the arts is no different than giving it to another form of entertainment.....That being said, there are many truly important pieces of legislature that could be worked out before a shut down, such as the shared parenting act HF 322 that has passed the house....please write you representatives and senators and tell them to stick it out and not leave important pieces of legislature until next year. Thank you

mred58Apr. 22, 12 7:45 AM

when plan a fails its the tax payer will pick up the the payments that were over looked,and then we would like a reserver of a few payments,and some cash on hand for up keep,and before you know it its all gone,and they will all sit there with some kind of silly look on their face and not say a word


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