Target Corp.'s stadium champion pushes deal

  • Article by: JANET MOORE and ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: April 23, 2012 - 6:59 AM

Property development VP John Griffith has been involved in developing plans for a revitalized downtown Minneapolis.

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edkohlerApr. 22, 12 6:35 PM

The plans for downtown Minneapolis would be far better if the Vikings stadium followed the plan outlined in the 2025 plan. And, if Target Corp and other downtown businesses (including the StarTribune) showed the generosity they showed 30 years ago to help finance the Metrodome.

jameswallaceApr. 22, 12 6:50 PM

Please,Vikings,move. Minnesota has much more urgent priorities than underwriting a game with public funds. NFL and Wilf threats to move are nothing more than extortion. Between them they could build it themselves if it were really important to them. As for all the other activities that might use it -- they all (except the Vikings) can get along just fine in the existing stadium. Dayton and Rybak had better not circumvent a public referendum if they value their careers. We can follow the Vikings anywhere they move on cable -- if we're interested. Or, we can pick teams that are a lot more interesting to follow. Goodell is only a rock star, it would seem, to legislators with a low sense of their own worth. Keep track of who they are in November.

leeisgodApr. 22, 12 7:37 PM

James, the "existing stadium" will not exist in 18 months because the stadium is 30 years old and will need MAJOR renovation in the NEAR future, almost to the point where they will either have to spend around 600M dollars per BC Place in Vancouver, or tear down the place and not have any place to have any activities. Renovating the Metrodome won't work because renovating the Metrodome's foundation and gutting the building will be almost as expensive as building a new stadium. The NCAA won't even have another Final Four or even a Regional at a renovated Metrodome because they need a stadium that has at least 70,000 seats. A renovated Metrodome will have around 55,000 seats for football and 60,000 for basketball. In short, we'll have to face an even more sobering reality: building a new stadium or losing a major part of the quality of life in Minnesota. Seeing how the new stadium will have no tenants nor will it attract any major events even if it is renovated, the stadium will be torn down. Say goodbye to your wintertime rock concerts, golf shows, home/garden shows and motocross rallies.

RUSHVILLEApr. 22, 12 8:39 PM

Fans. when your Stadium is finally approved and build, I anticipate 2015. I dealt that new Stadium will be build in 2 years, the way this is dragging, and dragging on. Therefore, by 2015. and tough, the University Transit is underway and will be ready in 2014 for the U Temp location and 15 for downtown. and I have a hunch, sense streets are close off anyway, that will be used for your Teenage Adults Trail-gating. and the plaza for outdoor grilling. Parking, however, will not be free or cheap, as in any city, it's costly to build a ramp, and yes, fans, there will be a charge for parking. and as fair as Traffic, Overtime Paid Cops will be their directly Traffic, and Ticket Tax will pay of it. okay fine, $975,000,000 for a Stadium, but the other expensive shall be tax on the Tickets. that will be $21,000,000 seats sold in the next 30 years. 10 games per years at the min. tax per-seat would be $150.00 not including up keep, insurance, security and so on, in addition to the ticket prices. therefore, the Stadium would return on its investment in 10 years. just don't whine for another 30 years for an up-dated Stadium, which would be approved in 2052. by then, the baby boomers could careless, and too old.

sharkysharkApr. 22, 1211:20 PM

If Target wants a new stadium, they need to write a BIG check.

tani12Apr. 23, 1212:01 AM

Griffith worked for Ryan Companies. I guess it's who you know. When he says he's worried about the quality of life here, he's not talking about the 99%. All the poor stadium supporter will learn when Minneapolis defaults on everything and the state has to bail it out.

jackstpaul4Apr. 23, 1212:17 AM

Meanwhile, White Earth STILL has a stadium offer on the table to finance it without public funds....

erikj3Apr. 23, 1212:42 AM

Why don't these "local business leaders" with their "full interest in local civic affairs" pay for Wilf's brand spanking new stadium? Why do the 99% always have to pick up the tab for these palaces for millionaires and billionaires? Why is an executive of a company that is only accountable to shareholders and not taxpayers ordering public officials around? And why haven't Wilf and the Queens opened their books to a full public audit before they demanded public dollars be spent on their new toy?

lynnschacherApr. 23, 12 5:25 AM

I hardly go downtown any more constantly being annoyed by panhandlers and the lack of safety makes downtown less than attractive. Building a stadium will not eliminate the violence that make downtown Minneapolis a bad choice for anyone.

fishymcishyApr. 23, 12 6:08 AM

Naysayers forget what Minneapolis was like before the Twins and the Vikings moved downtown. It was a cowtown, craphole. I guess that's what you want back, but people with vision can see beyond their own noses. We will get our stadium and you will continue to whine.....every Sunday as you watch the Minnesota Vikings!


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