Goodell’s visit highlights stadium stakes

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 20, 2012 - 3:55 PM

Credit NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II with drawing the right crowd when they appeared at the State Capitol Friday morning. It was the first time, said state Rep. Morrie Lanning, that all four legislative caucus leaders joined Gov. Mark Dayton and the bill’s authors at a meeting promoting construction of a new home for the Minnesota Vikings.

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stuckincheesApr. 20, 12 4:08 PM

I would rather have the Vikings in a new stadium. Then to have the Republican and Democrats standing in the way of it. Its pro football. If you want to have a professional team you have to pay. Every other city does it. I am not saying its right but those are the rules of the game. Vote out everyone of those stopping the stadium.

smeeagain2Apr. 20, 12 4:08 PM

If the NFL wants a new stadium, they can get their rich owners to pay for it. They can also reap the profits from their private enterprise, the way the rest of us working stiffs do.

la55122Apr. 20, 12 4:20 PM

Just in case the NFL hasn't noticed, every part of our economy is in decline or barely holding on. Who are these "robber baron" team owners to dictate terms to the state of Minnesota to provide the NFL a place and license to print money. While pro sports are an important life style to many, they are no more essential than providing meaningful full-time jobs to the majority of Minnesotans who need to provide for their families. Building one stadium isn't the answer, It's just a feel good, make work for the few.

heffayApr. 20, 12 4:39 PM

A threat is a threat. And the NFL is trying to threaten the state of Minnesota.

And the Star Tribune is doing its part to pretend there is a difference. And yet again, no disclosure statement about their conflict of interest.

tmack24Apr. 20, 12 5:04 PM

Did anyone seriously think he would come here and not give a very carefully worded possible threat talk about possibilities of movement of the franchise if they did not get a new stadium?? If everyone reading these comments goes out and buys lottery tickets there is the possibility you can win alot of money. You cannot win the lottery if you don't purchase a ticket, so do you take the chance of missing out by not buying that ticket? I do not recall him mentioning how much he would contribute to the stadium aside from carefully spoken possibilities, but, honestly, everyone should have seen that coming. Hopefully if/ when it's built they will put it right next to TCF stadium, so we can have two new outdoor football stadiums to show how many other events they can draw besides football. Thanks Commish, and now for Sid's column on it. We all know that is also coming soon.

erikj3Apr. 20, 12 5:48 PM

I wish our elected leaders realized that they're being played for suckers. If we build Wilf a stadium, he laughs all the way to the bank. If he moves the Queens to LA, it costs him $200 million (doubtful that Tarzhay would pay that for him!). Owners of other teams, as well, would love for taxpayers to fund Wilf's playground, because that keeps the con going just a little bit longer. It's time for sensible people to say no to these scammers!

owatonnabillApr. 20, 12 5:49 PM

Now I'll be the first to admit that there are many people posting here who know far, far more about the intricacies of finance and business than does Owatonnabill. Still and all, a couple of things seem to keep popping up. Far as I know, NFL games are decided on a field that is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. Far as I know, any proposed new stadium won't seat any more fans than does the current Metr...(s'cuse me, "Mall of America Field"). And as far as I know, the Vikings as with most teams in the NFL have trouble staying UNDER the salary cap so there must be money enough to pay the players. So...the only conclusion Owatonnabill can draw here, is that any proposed new stadium and the "funding streams" attendant to it go not to enrich the state of Minnesota or to make the Vikings a better team. Most of it probably does not even go to make Zygmunt and cronies that much richer. It goes to enrich the moguls who control the show. And for the "privilege" of enriching those who are already disgustingly rich, appeals are being made to our State pride, our heritage, and the prestige of being having a "major market" team in residence.

howlinjagsApr. 20, 12 6:17 PM

Just build it

RossbergApr. 20, 12 6:17 PM

The unsurprising news that they came here at the request of Comm. Mondale, certainly with Gov. Dayton's knowledge and blessing, takes a lot of the urgency out of their comments. As has been the case from the start, the push for this has been totally engineered by Gov. Dayton with no regard for either the rights or protections of the taxpayers. Everyone is aware of the stadium situation and no one can truly be accused of purposely dragging their feet on it in an effort to derail the project's approval. It's a complicated project, made more so by the intransigence of Gov. Dayton to even consider alternative funding mechanisms, his acceptance of a complicated sloppy proposal from Mayor Rybak and his inappropriate interference with Minneapolis City Council deliberations. The questions and concerns raised by all the legislators in the hearings have been legitimate and thoughtful. However, what's becoming glaringly evident is that neither Dayton nor Mondale understand much, if anything, about negotiating, the project itself, or working with the Legislature. Because of this they are ending up having to work against their own DFL caucus resulting in most of the delay. In essence, they don't have any idea how to even work with members of their own party let alone the GOP leaders and sponsors or take advice so they've come up with this staged ultimatum out of desperation. If anything results from this last minute push it will be quickly claimed as personal victories by Dayton and Mondale although they have been the stadium's biggest obstacles.

west336Apr. 20, 12 6:17 PM

The whole thing is making me very angry -- the league pushing every U.S. city around at will -- but at this point I just want it signed, sealed and delivered (stadium) and put something in the contract that "legacies" the Vikings to Minnesota so they can NEVER be threatened to leave again!


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