Minnesota ethanol plant fined $800,000

  • Article by: DAVID SHAFFER and JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: April 20, 2012 - 10:47 PM

State pollution regulators say penalties are having an effect.

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waddlebackApr. 20, 1210:15 AM

Ironic how these ethanol plants that are supplying "green" energy for our cars can do this kind of thing. Also too bad it takes so long to find and apply enforcement.

isitworkingApr. 20, 1210:22 AM

So, you're operating using tax dollars (gov't subsidies) to pursue a technology that isn't cost effective, and doesn't offer the results you had previously promised. You then lie to the people who dole out OUR money, and spew the contaminated waste water into the waterways that the GOP hates. Is that about it, liberals?

cavemaneasyApr. 20, 1210:23 AM

Farmers...caretakers of the land, kings among men! Yeah, right! About time the MPCA grew a pair and started taking enforcement actions against these scofflaw jack wagons! Now go after the sugar beet coop in Renville that routinely ignores the law and willfully pollutes the air and MN River!

stillamarineApr. 20, 1211:03 AM

Hey isitworking- Maybe you cons would like a bit less regulations. That's the Republican way you know. Fortunately most of us know you can not trust the Greedy & have to keep a close eye on these type of businesses. As a small business owner I know regulation is a must because of the unscrupulous and greedy.

sunburstfarmApr. 20, 1211:32 AM

How can this be? Green energy polluting our mother earth? Tax funded boonedoggels all.

rsw71756Apr. 20, 1212:03 PM

Say you guys, all Federal Ethanol Subsidies ended on January 1st, 2012. They are not really needed anymore. Last month, my 100 million gallon per year Ethanol Plant I have money invested in made a $2 million dollar profit just for March. And again, that is with ZERO ethanol subsidies. It really is like taking candy from a baby.

julio57Apr. 20, 1212:20 PM

@isitworking: There are ZERO federal ethanol subsidies. ZERO. No federal money goes to farmers, ethanol producers or oil companies to grow corn for ethanol, produce ethanol, or blend ethanol with gas-- the lattter was commonly known as the "blenders fee" and was the only Federal 'subsidy', but it was paid to oil companies! There are states that mandate a certain % of fuel must be ethanol, but that is not a subsidy. Far too many people, on this board and in society in general, spout off with absolutely no understanding of the actual issues. Please inform yourself.

fairtaxApr. 20, 12 1:04 PM

The subsidy may be gone, but it lives in the RFS: Deficit hawks, environmentalists, and food processors are celebrating the expiration of the ethanol tax credit. This corporate handout gave $0.45 to ethanol producers for every gallon they produced and cost taxpayers $6 billion in 2011. So why did the powerful corn ethanol lobby let it expire without an apparent fight? The answer lies in legislation known as the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which creates government-guaranteed demand that keeps corn prices high and generates massive farm profits. Removing the tax credit but keeping the RFS is like scraping a little frosting from the ethanol-boondoggle cake. The RFS mandates that at least 37 percent of the 2011-12 corn crop be converted to ethanol and blended with the gasoline that powers our cars…[As a result] the current price of corn on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is about $6.50 per bushel—almost triple the pre-mandate level. http://www.american.com/archive/2012/january/children-of-the-corn-the-renewable-fuels-disaster

snowdoggApr. 20, 12 1:47 PM

@rsw71756 I consider a government mandate that we use 10% ethanol a subsidy. End it and see what the market thinks of this less efficient harmful to your engine "Green Fuel" is.

thefatcatApr. 20, 12 3:10 PM

I used to work for an industrial general contractor that did a lot of work at this particular plant. Let me tell you, with the people in charge out there...this fine doesn't surprise me in the least. The blind leads the blind out there.


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