Metro area will take on new face

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 19, 2012 - 9:28 AM

Met Council forecasts that by 2040 the seven-county area will be a very different place.

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jwweber55434Apr. 18, 1210:37 PM

The Met Council is doing everything in it's power to ensure that by the year 2040, this city will bear a striking resemblance to Detroit.

dumbhomerApr. 18, 1211:24 PM

I don't believe any of the baloney. The Met Council has yet to be correct about anything!!!

chaachie12Apr. 19, 1212:44 AM

@dumbhomer - You don't think that in 28 years there will be more of us, we will be more diverse, and dumber? I wonder what the prediction was 28 years ago...probably similar, and right.

joshwarren84Apr. 19, 1212:51 AM

The reason so many immigrant families come to MN and the Twin Cities is the egregious amounts of welfare and subsidies provided. the native citizens are taxed to death and all these groups get tons of freebies.

JohnWFAApr. 19, 12 6:49 AM

The constant influx of foreign cultures provides dynamics that have made our nation great for hundreds of years. It is uncomfortable for existing residents but we do our best when challenged and helping others gain what we have and enjoy, and we gain the most when learning and adopting things the others bring with them.

scenic61Apr. 19, 12 7:22 AM

I am good with this growth as long as these immigrants become productive members of the community. But if the "free-ride" policy continues for this segment of the population, then the Twin Cities (and the whole country for that matter) are going to be in even more deep water than we are now. Just sayin'.

oldvinnieApr. 19, 12 7:54 AM

Lets build them a stadium!

mmplswApr. 19, 12 8:40 AM

The subsidies for rent/ welfare/ etc. are not sustainable. Also, affordable housing providers pay very little/ nothing in property tax. The construction of new affordable housing is almost totally subsidised by the government, unless they are tax-credit developments. All the food stamps. Free education. Retirement. How will this work? I mean, think about it!

kinghiberniaApr. 19, 12 9:02 AM

Diversity is great. But, at what cost? Can the infrastructor support this growth? Regarding the quality of life? For better? For worse? And, who benefits?

jherrlinApr. 19, 12 9:02 AM

Those of you claiming that all the immigrants coming get a free ride clearly do not know anything about Minneapolis, and I find it highly unlikely you even live in the city. The lake street area of South Minneapolis has been completely saved and revitalized by the immigrant population. What was a drug, prostitute, and gang filled area 15 years ago, is now home to some of the best restaurants, and ethnic food stores in the metro. It has now become a safe place to walk down the street, or go out to dinner with your family. Many legal immigrants do receive some assistance when they come here, after fleeing war torn countries, in order to save the lives of their children, and ending up in a place where they do not know the culture, or speak the language. Once they actually figure out what is going on in this new strange place they begin to fulfill the American Dream, by starting small businesses (the backbone of our economy). Also, many of these immigrants are actually very well-educated professionals where they are from, and circumstances out of their control have led them to the position they are now in. Such as the Somali man I met recently who is a qualified chemist, and is working hard to pass the exam to become a science teacher (a subject in which we are in need of more teachers). These immigrants have the potential to become extremely productive members of our society, if people would stop being so racist and give them a chance. So, this Saturday, instead of going to the Applebee's, in the shopping center, down the street from you khaki colored suburban home, come to the city for an evening, and actually see what our immigrant population has to offer.


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