Obesity as destiny

  • Article by: FRANK BRUNI , New York Times
  • Updated: April 17, 2012 - 8:48 PM

We may be overmatched in our war on weight.

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ammunraApr. 18, 12 4:37 AM

One of the points that should be addressed more thoroughly is the role of calorie usage historically. Trackers (or hunter-gatherers) spent all the calories they consumed while hunting or gathering food. Other cultures evolved as nomadic tribes. Farming was small because of lack of machinery and thus backbreaking labor. In all of these societies people burned off everything they consumed. Nowadays we're sedentary. Fix that and what we eat matters less.

owatonnabillApr. 18, 12 5:36 AM

Yet another columnist blames what are essentially environmental conditions for a societal problem. People are fat because there is just too much fat-making food around? BS. Try a little self-discipline. Americans are fat in large part because they believe they should be free of consequences no matter which act they choose to engage in. Eating like a pig makes you look like one. Pure and simple.

luzhishenApr. 18, 12 6:38 AM

So when I travel in Europe - mass transit v. auto, towns you can walk around - I lose weight despite the restaurant food (which is always half or 2/3 the portions served in the USA. It isn't all destiny a lot of it seems to be urban planning.

elind56Apr. 18, 12 7:36 AM

owatonnabill said: "Try a little self-discipline. Americans are fat in large part because they believe they should be free of consequences no matter which act they choose to engage in."--------------------------So you feel it's an issue of morality?

prettyoldApr. 18, 12 8:14 AM

The food was changed in the USA, UK and Australia 30 years ago when dangerous food chemicals from the USA was allowed into European. The food today causes stubborn insulin If you have stubborn insulin you hold fat and have a hard time losing weight. You can eat very little and the weight still does not come off. Stubborn insulin will hold fat and diets won’t work. When researchers used a specialized diabetes diet on overweight people all lost weight even those who did not have diabetes. just google SPIRIT HAPPY DIET

methuselah1Apr. 18, 1210:03 AM

"Try a little self-discipline." We are an entitlement society. We don't like or want discipline.

methuselah1Apr. 18, 1210:09 AM

elind56: How could you possibly read that into his post? He is spot on. Children have been taught there is no such thing as right or wrong. We don't allow children to play sports where someone wins and someone loses. You ever watch the Oscars? They used to say "The Winner is..." today, they say "The Oscar goes to...." because the losers might feel bad. There are consequences for making bad choices and bad behavior. The time to stop saying "It's not you fault" is over. Take a bit of responsibility for crying out loud!

pdxtranApr. 18, 1211:55 AM

In our society, the cheapest foods are also the ones most loaded with transfats, sugar, salt, and refined flour. As poverty increases, more people are forced to eat cheap foods. Furthermore, school "reform" experts treat home ec. as a "frill," but the effect is that a whole generation has grown up not knowing how to cook from scratch, which is far healthier than anything you'll find at a fast food outlet. Also, our so-called "family restaurants" have created a culture in which people judge a restaurant by how much you get for your money. Go to any country outside North America, and the restaurant portions are smaller, not to mention made with fresher, less processed ingredients. Another thing you'll find outside North America is people walking and biking to their destinations, because their cities are set up to make this easy and safe instead of inconvenient and dangerous.

harpomarxistApr. 18, 1212:55 PM

Eat less, weigh less. pretty simple. You can stuff brown rice and green veggies down the hatch to fill the void, you'll shed pounds. Self-control is the key. No one is dragging you into fast food places.

stplooklistnApr. 18, 12 1:24 PM

Not sure the worst foods are the cheapest anymore. Mac 'n cheese is no longer cheap. Buying fruits and vegetables on sale will get you good food at good prices, especially if you look at how far they'll go. That $4 bag of oranges lasts longer than the $4 bag of chips.


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