Two games in, it already feels like deja ew-w-w-w

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 7, 2012 - 11:49 PM

With no offense, poor pitching and blunders, these Twins look a lot like the 99-loss edition.

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sniggleApr. 7, 1211:49 PM

It is not a shock at all! All these people who were so positive that the season was going to be a success couldn't come to the fact that there are ZERO fazes of the game the Twins are good at. Think about it, is there ONE Twin that is even worth taking in a fantasy baseball league? At least none in the first 15 rounds!! That is just sad!

twinsfanwy1Apr. 7, 1211:52 PM

I'm disappointed, unhappy and angry about the Twins start. This should not be allowed to continue without repurcussions. Gardy told us all that it was on his watch that the Twins would provide a better brand of baseball this year. Better fielding, pitching, hitting, fundamentals...blah, blah, words when we witness this bush league performance, and subpar effort. If this continues, Gardy and his entire staff need to be shown the door. Their methods and approaches are old and outdated. They aren't even competetive at all with the AL East. Gardy was handed a team on the verge of winning from Kelly. He's consistently underachieved with the first-classs talent given to him. Now time has caught up to him. Time for his tenure to end. Sign Terry Francona and start over.

slammanApr. 7, 1211:54 PM

Joe is already counting the games left. Good story Jim. I wonder how many games good ol' Gardy can lose until he gets the boot. It's not just losing, it is having a team that is unprepared. Last year should have been his last one, but I guess they like how the team performed last year. That is, when they decided to show know who I'm talking about Joe.

av_vajApr. 8, 1212:10 AM

Hey on the flip said they have a brand spanking new stadium to lose more games in! In a dome or outside, winning is winning and losing is losing. Built a stadium for the wrong team, a stadium that does nothing during the off-season but sit and is covered in snow.

milkey30Apr. 8, 1212:27 AM

However brave the face that Terry Ryan & Co. constantly try to present to the public, the sad fact of the matter is that this team did absolutely NOTHING in the off-season to address the fielding, hitting and, most notably, pitching shortcomings that were made painfully obvious last year. And as difficult as it may be for even the most pessimistic of baseball fans to give up on their team only 2 games into a season, these Twins are quickly making a strong case for such a decision. This particular roster's most recent regular-season performance history (for the LAST time, spring training stats and records mean absofreakinglutely NOTHING), coupled with ownership's refusal to deal in reality has spelled certain disaster for this team, not just for 2012, but beyond. What we've witnessed in the last 48 hours is not simply an "off day", a couple "bad outings" or the mere "bad hop" of a baseball. What we're witnessing here isn't an illusion. This is reality, these are your 2012 Minnesota Twins... and this is one bad baseball team.

bobo72Apr. 8, 1212:32 AM

Like they say, it all starts with pitching, and this team has so blatantly neglected its starting pitching over the past five years. We went from guys like Johan and Radke to this pile? Also, it's obvious this team has no life in them anymore. It's time for different approach--time to start addressing the starting pitching and to give this team new on-field leadership. I mean, Billy Smith could've done this much. Dare I say this team might want to approach Joe about a trade in the near future and begin building from the returns. This is sad.

twinsfanwy1Apr. 8, 1212:38 AM

I don't like the Mauer comment. It was written in such a way to instigate the fans. I don't think that's right. Twins fans have enough to be upset about without addding fuel to the fire. The Twins are on a very, very short leash with the fans. They have noone to blame but themselves.

slugmccracknApr. 8, 1212:38 AM

Trade General Soreness, fire Gardy and get a real manager in here. Of course with tightwade Smith back in charge we will be in the basement for years. Pohlad will rake in the money this year and all of sudden will be angry and say we need to spend more and right this ship, blah, blah, blah. The sheep will get excited and nothing will change...

BallFourApr. 8, 1212:38 AM

Whatever you do, don't "throw Valencia under the bus,"Sou. He led the team in RBI last year, doncha know?

eej003Apr. 8, 1212:41 AM

What team would even want to touch Joe Mauer at this point? Realistically, we would have to eat 50% of his contract and get almost nothing in return before an organization would consider taking him in a trade. Are 110 losses really out of the question for not only this season, but the next three?


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