Farmers say new safety proposals for kids go too far

  • Article by: PAM LOUWAGIE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 7, 2012 - 11:26 PM

Federal limits on young hired hands are unclear, too restrictive, ag leaders say.

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cash0402Apr. 7, 1210:41 PM

this beurocratic endeavor is at the height of lacking in common sense, which is what farmers and farm people are all about. The thing of it is that any responsible person is never going to let a kid do something that you judge is beyond their capabilities. this is for two reasons, one, you dont want them to get hurt and two farm equipment is very very expensive to replace. Its hard for me to even fathom how, what I am assuming, a person behind a desk is ordering a revision of regulations to safety in a farming industry. Some fields of work just have inherent risk, to minimize the risk in farming, as the story has indicated, and delaying employment to other young individuals is going to unnecessarily stress an industry that has problems attracting people to it. Farming is a way of life that you happen to earn money at, not the other way around, if you restrict this your changing peoples way of life and ultimately how WE acquire our food. good luck with this...

prpd148Apr. 8, 12 1:51 AM

Sad.... Let's get these kids in front of the tv instead and play xbox.

jbpaperApr. 8, 12 2:05 AM

And people wonder why we have more and more illegal immigrants working on farms. These illegals aren't taking jobs citizens don't want, they are taking jobs our gov't won't let certain citizens do.

ironman6975Apr. 8, 12 3:55 AM

Ugh, I must be drunk or something? I am about to agree with a union on something. I worked on a farm off and on since the age of 10 and honestly yeah it can be dangerous, but for a very very high majority of the 14 year olds who work on farms have been working on them for years already and know what is right and what is wrong. Kids who have never been on a farm a farmer knows this and won't give them deadly jobs until they think they can trust them enough to do something more possibly dangerous like run a tractor. Heck when I got my first job on a farm at 14, that farmer wouldn't allow me to do anything dangerous until he knew what I was doing and that I had common sense in me first. This law is pathetic and farmers across this country know that this law is only hurting them and future generations. Heck this law could almost go to the extreme of not allowing their own kids work on the farm until they are 16 years old and like AG said this could ruin the farmlands across this country.

ezekial392Apr. 8, 12 5:39 AM

Ultimately, these rules (either by design or by accident) will eliminate the individual farmer. The end result will be one GIANT corp farm. Can you say monsanto...

samiamApr. 8, 12 7:06 AM

One of my best memories of my late Grandfather was "driving" the tractor at about 2 mph when I was about 8 while he picked up hay bales. The nanny state would probably put him in jail today and me in foster care.

martin68Apr. 8, 12 7:10 AM

So you have some bureaucrat deciding what kids can and cannot do who knows nothing about farming. Boy, that makes sense. Who is going to enforce this? I'm sure kids will continue on as they have been.

Dale69Apr. 8, 12 7:29 AM

how did anyone in this country ever grow up? Enough rules.

teeuurApr. 8, 12 8:04 AM

Remember the joke, "we're from the government and we're here to help you"? This is a shining example of not one person proposing this having done any manual labor on a farm(or otherwise). The lib social engineers would probably wet themselves if they knew I was driving the tractor pulling the hay baler at 6 years-old and my older sister at 12 ran the tractor that pulled the wagons to the barn. We WERE the hired help on a family farm except we weren't hired, we worked to help mom and dad pay the bills. I suppose the censors will nuke me again but how about this thought; this bumbling president and all his fans and yes men in these departments that have been on the public dole their WHOLE LIVES stay out of the business of WORKING people.

melabill2Apr. 8, 12 8:05 AM

This sounds like an election year law. What a ridiculous idea. I grew up on a farm and did some work for neighbors at 10 years of age, picking rocks in the field, driving tractor for picking up hay bales, etc. Also at about two miles an hour like a previous commenter said. Neither my father or neighbor would let me do things that endangered me until I proved that I could handle them. I have chosen to not continue farming and went into the construction industry instead and am now retired. What farming taught me was a will to work and work responsibly. Many of the jobs that I did farming have continued to help me accomplish a lot in construction, including good work habits, responsibility, initiative among others. Please do not take that away from our next generation.


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