Anderson: In House, clueless lead clueless on outdoors issues

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 6, 2012 - 8:29 AM

Lawmakers follow a wearily familiar script of professing to stand up for our resources while trying to ruin them.

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orvestaApr. 5, 1210:58 PM

Let's see, what's wrong with this picture? 'Personal responsibility' but no protection for poor who need to feed their families, but 'don't touch my tax break' or government subsidies for the wealthy. /// /// /// Why is it so hard for Republicans to admit they think pollution is good? After all, they vote FOR pollution all the time. They clearly believe words speak louder than actions.

fjbarrowsApr. 5, 1211:00 PM

Whatever. Maybe if the DNR didn't cowtow to people like you they wouldn't have wasted millions buying up every available tract of land under the guise of protected environmentalism, and instead would have the sufficient funds to cover things the legislature is now considering to be excessive. You make your bed, you sleep in it. The never-ending milk bottle is dry and mother is no longer going to fill it at your whim.

orvestaApr. 5, 1211:02 PM

Republicans vote without fail for "personal responsibility" when it regards cutting YOUR government protection or services, but without fail have no clue as to personal or corporate responsibility regarding all the government subsidies they receive. All for one and none for all.

orvestaApr. 6, 12 1:14 AM

fjbarrows - "cowtow to people like" me? Care to give ANY details or will you just stick with sweeping generalizations? "wasted millions buying up every available tract of land" - Please give examples of "buying up every available tract of land". Do you have any clue how broad, inaccurate and meaningless your statement is? /// /// /// I want people who pollute to pay for their pollution and to make clean air and clean water MORE PROFITABLE than polluting it. Are you saying you want laws to make pollution more profitable for the polluters than air that we all can believe? Just a few specifics about how you want polluters to not be held 'personally responsible' would be very valuable fjbarrows.

pdf123Apr. 6, 12 4:05 AM

All I can say is yes. Let's get the DFL back in charge and fight with them. They can be annoying to some of us outdoor types, but when we work at it, we can get things done with them (I wrote this as an active DFLer). The GOP thinks guns and rods are great, but is against the little people having places to use them.

tacotonyApr. 6, 12 7:27 AM

Dennis thanks for speaking up, The complete lack of stewardship of our states natural resources under the guise of GOP leadership is appalling at the very least. The "Land of Sky Blue Waters" is now the LAND of INFESTED waters due to their gutless approach to policy and funding decisions

notsidApr. 6, 12 7:42 AM

Poor old Denny! After worshipping at the feet of the Republicans for so many years and faulting the Democrats for their "lack of support" for natural resources and the DNR, he has to eat crow and publicly admit that maybe his Republican legislative pals are just not very good conservationists.

fish60Apr. 6, 12 8:22 AM

I watched a bunch of the House hearing on Tuesday. I don't have any faith in politicans and it shocked even me. They were laughing and joking about lead poisoned children like it was some kind of joke. Make no mistake the republican support for hunting stops at having guns to fondle. No support for habitat. No support for protecting our dogs from trappers too lazy to check their traps daily. They even voted down an amendment to increase the penalty for DELIBERATELY putting invasive species in lakes! I wonder how many nanoseconds it would take for them to come running to the Capitol with their hand out if someone were to risk the $50 fine for putting zebra mussels in the lake in front of THEIR lake cabin. I challenge any republican voter to watch that video when it gets archived and vote republican this fall.

ticknoApr. 6, 12 8:27 AM

Well at least are guns are safe. If your a hunter this is all you will get from Republicans. And if your a hunter and support the NRA you are working against your own self interest because the NRA only cares about gun sales not hunters and certainly not conservation.

samueldyerApr. 6, 12 8:47 AM

In the startribune, clueless lead clueless on outdoors issues. i like this title better.


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