Zebra mussels vanish from stretch of St. Croix River

  • Article by: KEVIN GILES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 4, 2012 - 11:06 PM
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vernApr. 4, 1211:09 PM

Sheepshead are probably feasting on them! I hope.

johnmcfaddenApr. 4, 1211:12 PM

you know if we were being told they were getting a Lot worse it would be due to global warming, but perhaps it is global warming that has caused them to recede ?

hummerenvyApr. 5, 12 5:36 AM

Asian carp

Willy53Apr. 5, 12 6:03 AM

johnmcfadden, don't worry, global warming did not cause the zebra mussels to vanish. If climate change was detrimental to zebra mussels then they'd be struggling everywhere and that is not the case. One nasty environmental consequence of the new megabridge is that those humongous piers, absolutely huge, will necessitate moving native mussels. The largest footprint of any bridge anywhere in Minnesota is being plopped down in the lake that has the highest population of endangered mussells in the state. That is one of the reasons the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act existed, to protect river environments from bridge projects to big and destructive for sensitive habitats. The damage will be done, the exemption legislation will take care of that, and the prospect for preserving mussels and Lake St. Croix just got a lot more difficult. In addition, the pollutants that landed Lake St. Croix on the impaired waters list are exactly what this megabridge will spawn from all that pavement runoff that will be created by the bridge and accompanying interchanges and sprawl. As I said, the prospect of preserving waterquality and the lake environment just exponentially more difficult.

jcinmnApr. 5, 12 6:22 AM

Just as the invasive species Smelt found a natural enemy in the Great Lakes, hopefully Zebra Mussels have found theirs in the St Croix. If so this is good news and , if we can find their new natural enemy, we can control them in other bodies of water, such as the lower Great Lakes

jimmyjames76Apr. 5, 12 7:59 AM

"you know if we were being told they were getting a Lot worse it would be due to global warming"...If you're a right wing nut job that has the mental capacity of a 4th grader, I could see that person coming to that conclusion.

kjwolterApr. 5, 12 7:59 AM

Sounds like nature taking care of itself. Not everything in this world needs to be, or can be, managed by man.

GailKLApr. 5, 12 8:05 AM

Maybe the water was too polluted for even zebra mussels.

mangeloApr. 5, 12 8:11 AM

Jimmy that is a lame statement,

crestliner62Apr. 5, 12 9:16 AM

Huh, you mean to say that nature may have taken care of something itself WITHOUT human or govermental intervention?!..please don't let the politicians or "the sky is falling" crowd know that, they may find themselves out of job.


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