Voter ID amendment is now up to Minnesota's voters

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 4, 2012 - 10:23 PM
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hodgie999Apr. 4, 1210:03 PM

This is a good thing. We should all be happy it is going to a vote.

tribblowsApr. 4, 1210:10 PM

So it's ok to let the stadium financing go to the voters(Minneapolis), but not the Voter ID amendment? The people should decide!

savagedruidsApr. 4, 1210:20 PM

It won't go to voters. Some judge no one ever heard of, a dfl judge, will issue an injunction.

ansel44Apr. 4, 1210:24 PM

Every election, there are stories of third party groups (ACORN, etc.) submitting false registrations. If that many get caught, countless other fraudulent names are making it onto the voter rolls. Without Voter ID, what's to stop someone from coming in to vote using those fraudulent names? If it happens, there is no way of catching anybody. The name on the rolls is fake and we can't ask the person voting for ID so how could anyone prove vote fraud? It's a circular argument. As for "voter suppression," a government-sponsored study at the University of Missouri determined that in those states already with voter ID, not only could no evidence of "suppression" be found but the actual voter participation rate INCREASED.

logician88Apr. 4, 1210:31 PM

Despicable. This is nothing but an attempt to deny participation to people who are not rich and powerful to ensure that even MORE wealth and power are concentrated with the Koch brothers and people of their ilk.

martytoilApr. 4, 1210:34 PM

In the last two highly publicized recounts in this state, the gotp had their best lawyers looking at every vote and every angle. Yet, they found no voter fraud that would have changed the results. There is either no voter fraud, or these lawyers and those whom hired them are inept. Take your pick.

oldbeatnikApr. 4, 1210:36 PM

April 4, 2012. The day democracy died in Minnesota. RIP, it was a noble experiment

jillie64Apr. 4, 1210:37 PM

This is all so ridicules.You need to have ID for everything,check cashing,banking,travel,credit,etc.Why would ANYONE of age,not have ID? It wasn't that long ago,they could run you in for hanging out without any ID,or was that in a movie?What is everyone so afraid of?In fact I believe you need ID for collect Social Security an General Assistance,and almost everystudent of voting age has an ID.Give me a break.

iliketobikeApr. 4, 1210:48 PM

The ACLU offered a reward for anyone who could prove voter fraud had occurred. This resulted in zero claims of fraud. Now, that leads directly to the question of why the GOP is pushing so hard for an amendment that would discourage elderly, minority, poor and students from voting (coincidentally, typical Democrat voters).

iliketobikeApr. 4, 1210:53 PM

The UN sends monitors into developing and third world nations to limit rampant voter intimidation and suppression. Sadly, they might need to send monitors to the US to keep the Republican right wing from discouraging Democrat voters from voting.


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