New stadium plan hits turbulence, but passes first House panel

  • Updated: April 3, 2012 - 12:18 AM

House panel OK'd proposal despite criticism of funding backstops.

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freedubayApr. 2, 1210:23 PM

I loved it when Mayor RT let the city lawyer do the talking. Now when he runs for re-election his opponent won't be able to use his lying words against him. Minneapolis you deserve him. LOL!

hobie2Apr. 2, 1210:37 PM

Somehow fitting that the new stadium looks like cash register

RossbergApr. 2, 1210:44 PM

Well, I suppose there is a delicious irony in having the Hennepin County commissioners experience what it's like to have money taken away without a vote. In fact, I remember making some of their same comments about 6 years ago. Ah yes, what goes around..... Anyway, I do have to agree with Gov. Dayton on the tip boards. You can't expect investors to buy bonds supported by potentially illegal funding. It's time to shut this entire proposal down and put together a decent funding plan based on something other that hope and rhetoric. Put the e-pulltabs in a limited number of sites for a year and see how they do. Maybe they'll bring in hundreds of millions and the stadium will be paid off in a year. Or we may find out that the money they bring in just offsets the decline in lottery ticket or scratch-off game sales. But don't risk a billion dollars on something unknown.

jtriceApr. 2, 1210:45 PM

Do we in Minneapolis and Minnesota want to be the last of the suckers to build a stadium for overpaid athletes and their billionaire owners … when we could be among the first to say "No more!" All we have to do is say no, and the rest of the country will follow. Don't worry, professional football will survive. The teams will build their own stadiums and the players and their owners will take home a little less. Simple.

sharkysharkApr. 2, 1210:54 PM

There can never be enough financial backstops when they all end up stealing from the taxpayers. Let's stay focused here. This isn't about building a new stadium because the game of football needs it. The Metrodome was built for the Vikings and has a brand-new roof and playing surface. It has the name of the team painted on the side and is already on the proposed site of Zygi's new building. This is about private luxury boxes. Mike Lynn, former GM of the Vikings gets the lease revenues from the luxury boxes at the Metrodome. If Zygi moves the team to a new building, those leases become worthless and he gets to write new ones worth millions of dollars that will go right in his pocket. There's no reason on Earth that the taxpayers should be a part of tearing down a perfectly good building so that the team owner can get a big payday. The "people" have already bought the Vikings a stadium. There's no reason to tear it down and build another. JUST SAY NO!

chwildApr. 2, 1210:58 PM

There was money set aside form the Twins deal to extend library hours and for youth sports and activities. Now that will maybe get raided to line Zigis pockets?

zenmaster9Apr. 2, 1211:11 PM

Hey vikings,don't we make it clear to you.... Please LEAVE the state of Mn. We no longer care about your over-paid players and your worth-less stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE JUST LEAVE OUR STATE!!!!

furguson11Apr. 2, 1211:19 PM

If it's such a good plan, why isn't Ziggy the backstop?

dancingpotApr. 2, 1211:23 PM

"County lawyers discussed Monday whether, depending on the wording of the final bill, the state could take the money without board approval. Even Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, the chief House author of the legislation, said he was unsure." ============ My goodness ... one wonderful thing about the internet is that it lets us see things which before would have been covered up or not reported at all ... and one terrible thing about the internet is that it lets us see things which before would have been covered up or not reported at all. Kind of sad actually ....

ollie3Apr. 2, 1211:28 PM

Mark Dayton to the GOP in mid-March: "Oh yeah, well I TRIPLE dog dare you to come up with some of your own funding ideas!" Mark Dayton to GOP April 2: "Hey, no fair! You're coming up with your own ideas!"


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