New rules, but few changes for immigrants trying to stay

  • Article by: ALLIE SHAH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 1, 2012 - 11:01 PM

Immigrants, attorneys don't see much change with new approach to deportation. Feds say final numbers aren't in.

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wildfoxApr. 1, 12 9:43 PM

We must provide a path to citizenship for law abiding immigrants. There is no way we can round up every illegal person and deport them. These people have worked in USA, paid taxes, SS and MC. Many have children who were born here and they are American citizens. We need to start to document immigrants by giving them provisional drivers licenses and work permits. The taxes they pay should go into a fund to pay for the costs associated with being here illegally, like health care and gov services.

vnbushmanApr. 1, 12 9:58 PM

I find it interesting that the article speaks about immigrants and not illegal immigrants. There is a huge difference between the two. On is here honestly and legally. The other is here dishonestly and illegally. Lets not get the two confused.

mmcgraneApr. 1, 1210:35 PM

"To the attorney for Oscar Siguencia, his client seemed like the kind of person Morton had in mind when he wrote that memo. Aside from a few minor traffic offenses, the 23-year-old native of Ecuador has had no run-ins with the law. No previous deportations. No gang affiliations" If he is here illegally so he should be put on a plane and sent home. You brake the law you pay the piper period. There is no excuse for you to be here illegally and then expect us the citizens of the US to pay your way. We have enough of our own problems without having to worry about yours.

jaynedrakeApr. 1, 1210:57 PM

I do not understand how a change is made in national policy is made involving deportations, and the local bureaucracy ignores them. Why can't people go the Federal court and stop this/or at the same time appeal personally to the Justice Department and President saying that locally their orders are being disobeyed?

obvious2meApr. 1, 1211:16 PM

They are not immigrants. They are ILLEGAL immigrants. The distinction is a meaningful one. The story's intentional failure to include the word ILLEGAL is not lost on anyone with a working brain.

genodadApr. 1, 1211:34 PM

People here illegally cost the tax payers billions of dollar. This thing about it being a good thing is untrue. There is a cost for everything in life and asylum seekers,illegal immigrate,illegal visa holder etc. cost. We as a nation get very little in return from these people.Our county lets in 1 and a half million legal immigrates a year. When is enough ,enough.

pinky1933Apr. 2, 1212:02 AM

ah, yes, but how many more immigrants are not so well-behaved like Oscar, who remain in this country without consequence. in many instances, they have no fear for precisely the reasons the article outlines and often it shows. i will never forget the immigration reform marches a few years back in CA where participants proudly flew Mexican flags. many immigrants (not all and some groups more than others) have no interest in becoming Americans other than for its financial benefits. i support legal immigration and guest status/work permits in certain instances but to suggest that 30-40 mil illegal immigrants have not been a drag on our economy/culture, etc. is naive. moreover, the criminal/gang/narcotic element cannot be minimized. still, the people waiting for decisions about when/if they will be deported deserve to know soonest and before they establish roots (family, property, etc) in the US. justice delayed long enough is still justice denied, even for those who are not in the US legally.

staredApr. 2, 1212:11 AM

The pro illegal immigrant lobby continually tries to make the issue about immigrants instead of about illegal immigrants. They intentially muddy the issue so that anyone not in agreement with their objectives is made to look "anti immigrant" instead of simply "anti illegal immigrant." All too often the news media lets them get away with this approach.

JMarvinApr. 2, 12 4:54 AM

I cannot wrap my mind around any legitimate reason anyone would want to support illegal immigration. Illegals are kept enslaved by their status, at the mercy of those who hire them to get out of paying minimum wages, overtime, withholding, or for basic safety equipment they would have to provide for legals. Because of the sheer numbers of illegals, they have broken the backs of any organized labor at all, and as a result, all wages have stagnated if not gone backwards for everyone, and opportunity remains but a misty memory for those of us old enough to remember when it really existed. They have managed to bring down the standard of living for the whole dang US of A. If every illegal living in the US today were to be granted citizenship automatically, there would be this giant sea change when they invoke their rights to all of the above. Then you would see them in unemployment and soup lines because there would be no benefit to employers to hire them over "old" citizens.Illegals must be voting now, because why else the big outcry against voter ID, and why do their proponents have so much political pull? When something just doesn't make sense, look to the money.

roymercerApr. 2, 12 6:42 AM

We deport PhD chemical engineers and physicians from India, but we allow mllions who swim across a river to stay. As Gingrich says, there are only two questions to answer: How many immigrants does America want, and how do we make it happen LEGALLY?


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