New stadium plan has Hennepin County, Vikings as safety net

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 2, 2012 - 8:58 AM

Hennepin County and the Vikings would be asked to cover funds not gained from charitable gambling.

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samiamApr. 1, 12 4:19 PM

This needs to get done and soon.

ollie3Apr. 1, 12 4:26 PM

"The Vikings, I'm sure, would prefer not to have an admissions tax" or a tax on luxury suites, said Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, chief House author of the stadium legislation. "They're not going to jump up for joy, I'm sure."------------Yeah, so? Talk about being Zygi-whipped.....

vironweApr. 1, 12 4:26 PM

"The Vikings, I'm sure, would prefer not to have an admissions tax" or a tax on luxury suites" ....Not near as much as I would prefer no state funds being given to this boondogle!

j218963Apr. 1, 12 4:29 PM

Enough already with this constant "jockeying" for political position. NO one is willing to compromise and it's getting really, really old. Build the stadium. It's called compromise to a workable solution. That's what politics is all about. The people of this state want it built for SO many reasons. Stop wasting time and get the shovels in the ground! You people were elected to get things do your job! If you don't want to be there and make decisions...quit!! (hint..hint "Speaker of the House"...whatever your name is....time for you to go home)

pmarc078Apr. 1, 12 4:33 PM

Quick! More duct tape and coat hanger wire! We need to hold this plan together!!!!

kivirl4Apr. 1, 12 4:43 PM

the majority of people do NOT want public funding. If they did, they would not fear a referendum Furthermore, who is this Lanning anyway, wasting time putting together "deals" everyone has said they oppose, even Hennpin County and the Vikings on the extra money. You wanna bet the Vikings are posturing about hating to put in this extra money, to make it look like they too are compromising? "Oh, we have already put in so much, but if we have to put in more, we will for the good of getting it done, they will say" Even though most of their contribution is recopurable via naming rights and personal seat licenses. Then at the end, they will say with the Hennepin County add, the Vikings add isnt necessary and it will be pulled out at the last minute. Lanning, why dont you worry about your constituents in Moorhead, 240 miles from here? It is not your job to be fanangling this.

kivirl4Apr. 1, 12 4:50 PM

The Vikes have said they oppose this, but they say they really dont want to do this, but if othres like Hennepoin County and a new lottery is added, they too will sacrifice. But here is the rub: Shortly before any legislation is passed, they will determine the Hennepin County extra money (which Opat has "said" he opposes, but will be rammed down) is ehough, and the language requiring more Viking input is not needed. Furthemore, this is not really addtional money from the Viking. Its taxes on games and suites, and that is a fine way to finance this I think, but its not money ot of the Vikings pocket.

drudgemonkeyApr. 1, 12 4:55 PM

Hennepin County Chair Opat opposes this...move on folks, nothing to see here.......

tani12Apr. 1, 12 4:57 PM

The problem with pulltabs is that it is not really a contribution by the state. People who want a Vikings stadium and live out-state are note obligated to help pay for one. At the same time, people in Minneapolis who may be against a new stadium are forced to pay for one. So much for democracy. I still find it amazing that the City Council endorsed this and is tolerating cuts in LGA and nothing from the state bonding bill. You'd think they'd be smart enough to get something out of this deal. You'd think.

kivirl4Apr. 1, 12 5:02 PM

drudge, I hope you are right. BUt I think Lanning thinks we are all rubes who dont see through this. He says, well, the Vikings will not be jumping for joy. B as in B, S as i S. I believe the Vikes and OPat are already part of this, feigning that they really do oppose this, but at the end of the day, everyone will have to do a little they dont wnat to do. I am GOP like Lanning, I live in Zellers district. I am so fed up with Zellers sitting on the sidelines and letting this waste of time continue, when he could shut it down right now.


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