St. Thomas loses coveted law school ranking over error

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 29, 2012 - 1:14 PM
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mnmonkeyboyMar. 28, 1210:26 PM

I used to work in the department that kept all the college statistics...every ranking requires different calculations as does the is much more complicated than you would expect to get all the data.

halfabubbleMar. 28, 1211:02 PM

I would be completely surprised if prospective law students actually base their decisions on where to send their applications to based off of USN&WR's rankings. Typically, these rankings are meaningless exercises in statistical drivel and do nothing for the students to derive which law school best serves them.

jojoobooMar. 28, 1211:05 PM

Other than college rankings once a year when do you ever hear anything from US News & World Report?

suuwhatMar. 28, 1211:18 PM

Either ranking puts st. thomas in what is known in the parlance of industry as "third tier toilet" status. Law school is one of the worst investments anyone can make. Going to a poorly ranked or bad school is even worse. There are no jobs for any of these newly minted jd's (NOTE: the employed within 9 months statistic does not clarify how many are actually employed in the law--it just notes that they are employed which is itself a dubious claim to make in this economy) and once you finish law school nobody will ever hire you to do anything but practice law. The only people for whom law school makes any sense are those who go to top 10 schools and have their way paid by someone else through grants.

canardbusterMar. 29, 12 1:28 AM

This is a very odd piece of journalism because from the beginning it begs one obvious question: what would the ranking have been, had the correct numbers been originally reported? There is no indication the reporter made any attempt to discover this crucial piece of information. Beyond that, I wonder if the level of angst the school exhibits over its mistake corresponds to the standards to which it holds its law students. If so, unranked seems about right.

stplooklistnMar. 29, 12 1:36 AM

"noting that 32.9 percent of its graduates were employed at graduation -- not the 80.6 percent the school first reported. The line item the school got wrong, a percentage, corresponded to a line it got right, a raw number of students with jobs at the time of graduation." And everyone missed this?

myblunderMar. 29, 12 2:54 AM

As a current UST student (Opus college of business), I wholeheartedly believe that this was an honest data entry mistake probably committed by a student employed by the university. Considering how most programs at UST revolve around ethics and integrity, I applaud my school for calling itself out on this mistake. If only all people, corporations and governments had this much integrity...

minneg56Mar. 29, 12 7:03 AM

Hey- UST found the error; admitted it; reported it; and "told on themselves." I'm no big fan of more lawyers but at this point way too much is being made of it. Too many lawyers ... not enough justice ...

charles3Mar. 29, 12 7:10 AM

Having spent 40 years at a medical school, i can assure you that these rankings mean absolutely noting to prospective students. A big nothing.

uno1950Mar. 29, 12 7:33 AM

"Employed at graduation" for the purposes of these surveys would include fast food, or, in my case, hourly document review, which is the only place many new jd's can get any kind of work. After several years of soul crushing contract work, I lucked in to the securities industry, where ironically industry licenses which require no schooling are infinitely more valuable in the job market. I agree with another poster that a jd is only worth it if someone else is paying, but disagree that jd's will only be hired to practice law - as those jobs simply don't exist, they will have to get creative and find other applications for their education and skills.


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