Editorial: Bills should broadly deter shutdowns

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  • Updated: March 19, 2012 - 8:59 PM

It's better to spare all from the pain than to exempt some.

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alansonMar. 19, 12 9:38 PM

The courts are already too intrusive in this process - and as the inaction of the state Supreme Court demonstrates, they well understand they are on shaky constitutional ground. The legislature did produce all of its budget bills last year, it took the Governor's vetos to have a shutdown. It's not hard to understand why the overly partisan STrib heaps all the blame on the legislature. In the Pawlenty administration, from the STribs point of view, the blame was placed on the executive branch.

mdachsMar. 19, 1211:20 PM

I think that shutdowns are great! They save the taxpayers money - and most folks do not suffer from a short time of no services. I would love to have a shutdown for 6 months - would save huge taxpayer dollars!

drfranktMar. 20, 12 7:42 AM

If the, ahem, Governor, would not have done the "It's my ball, if you're not going to play by my rules, I'm taking my ball and going home" game, there would have been no shutdown. But Noooooooo, he had to have his increased budget or nothing!

luzhishenMar. 20, 12 8:28 AM

Too bad Ritchie let business continue as usual - the moment mortgages couldn't be completed, financial transactions couldn't go through, etc., the Chamber and their shills would beg to avoid another shutdown. These bills are just a way to make the next shutdown more likely.

theagonybhoMar. 20, 12 9:31 AM

They only need to tweek a few details and the shutdown wont be felt, it can go on for months.

hobie2Mar. 20, 1212:25 PM

Think of all the money we would save if we went back to a biennial legislature - and shutdowns would more likely be avoided because the part-time legislators would be pulled away from their real jobs and businesses and farms if they didn't get the work done...And shutdowns would affect their businesses... The old-timers weren't so dumb in letting the legislature only meet every other year.

mike2636Mar. 20, 12 3:11 PM

If a state governement shutdown truly meant ALL state services were shutdown it would never get that far and our elected class would have no choice but to put down the microphones and politics and get their work done. Picking and choosing to minimize the "pain" will only lead our PAID representative to waste yet more time (and MONEY) before they are actually compelled to do their jobs.

daktariMar. 20, 12 3:17 PM

They need to stop the government from shutting down or striking against the citizens. Every time a public employee union strikes it is against us.

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