Torn-up Minneapolis liquor store seeks new home

  • Article by: MAYA RAO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 18, 2012 - 9:08 PM

Owner hopes lawmakers will let him move across the street in north Minneapolis.

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gilgamesh23Mar. 18, 12 9:14 PM

As usual, Gary Schiff has it right.

mred58Mar. 18, 12 9:49 PM

homes still in disaray business closed,and mpls is still wanting a billion stadium. dysfunctional thought process to its fullest.what about the plymouth av bridge.another bottom of the list project.

refurnishMar. 18, 1210:22 PM

Two former city council members pushing this project makes it suspect. Why can't the Rose family just rebuild on the existing site, or await the rezoning process. Its a dangerous precedent. Why do we need state legislation to help 2 former city council members 'work' the system???

DufferHMar. 18, 1210:27 PM

Why doesn't the story mention that Steven Minn is a former city council member? With the political history involved, it certainly is pertinent to the story.

sirboomMar. 18, 1210:30 PM

I don't think this area needs another liquor store.

scavengersMar. 18, 1211:21 PM

We can only wonder how big a campaign contribution Don Samuels will get from the Rose family?? Or what other considerations he might walk away with???

wardnjuneMar. 19, 12 6:40 AM

This isn't "another" liquor store, sirboom, it's the one that's been there for over three generations. They're trying to figure out how to help this guy save his business. Seems to me to be a pretty noble effort. What exactly is your problem with it?

jrock612Mar. 19, 12 7:15 AM

Drove by this store on Friday. They haven't done a thing to that building. Why not claim your insurance and rebuild? The system is not broken.

wildbill987Mar. 19, 12 8:28 AM

Revolving door and money access at it's worst. I was a big supporter and worker for former council member Minn. Who got his start because of capricious and arbitrary DFL Council member actions. And in cahoots DFL city employee behaviour. Result at that time, Minn elected to council. City settling out of court because of staff and council behaviour. Amount un-known. Now lets move forward 10 years. Said liquor store was the target of an endless vendetta by then CM and CPresident Cherryhomes. She wanted it gone and tried everything. Shut down the street, etc. Liq Store owner eventually goes to court and wins against city long after CM Cherryhomes goes down in discraceful defeat. Cost to the city, unknown. Throughout the 1990's, Minn and Cherryhomes were polar opposites on the council. Minn for fiscal sanity and removing partisan operations of employees. Cherryhomes wanted more partisanship. They fought like cats and dogs. Now we have them working together on behalf of the formerly aggrieved. Boggles the mind. Guess you know how to get things done on the Northside.

orbiculataMar. 19, 1210:57 AM

In an area where there are so many derelict buildings and torn up properties, businesses closing, etc...why is a person with a good, solid business history having to jump through so many hoops to just open his business? The zoning issue is BS, that area is all commercial already and this business has been well established. His building is destroyed, let him open up across the street without wasting any more time and taxpayer money. And screw the new stadium: put that money into building up the city, not building a stadium for people that can already afford to build it on their own. The Broadway Liquor Outlet has been closed for almost a year now, I'm sure he's losing a ton of money...let him rebuild and reopen without a bunch of red tape blocking him.


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