Rebuked U dean's hires get scrutiny

  • Article by: TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 21, 2012 - 10:53 AM

Review led to nursing dean losing some authority.

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rayk1800Mar. 17, 1210:21 PM

The article nails the issues pretty well. Obvious the nursing dean has got to go. I cannot believe the continued mismanagment issues we see at the UofM. The state needs to reduce funding of the U at this point since the it cannot police it's own senior management. It's the only way to make a point that it's not acceptable.

elmore1Mar. 17, 1210:45 PM

The U needs to uncover every stone and clean this mess up. This is a disgrace in what used to be a decent educational institution.

erikj3Mar. 17, 1210:46 PM

She lost "some authority"? She should've been fired!

endothermMar. 18, 1212:01 AM

This high-level corruption is depressing, but simply cutting funding to the university in response to these scandals will only lead to higher tuition and a degraded education--fewer classes, more students, less learning. In other words, it will only hurt the students--graduates who are important to the economic success of the state. We need to actually target the problem. Perhaps the state could say that future funding increases will only be granted if the university caps salaries for administrators has greater oversight of deans and presidents.

kenw1952wMar. 18, 1212:23 AM

"Records show that Clancy worked 100 percent time in Iowa and 75 percent time at the U for 17 months" this an example of "fuzzy math"? When I got my alumni donation request in the mail recently, it quickly found the shredder. I have attempted to do my part in helping the U of M to reduce expenses and live within its' budget....I sent them a letter and told them to save the postage on any further mailings.

BallFourMar. 18, 1212:28 AM

The proud moments for the U keep streaming in. Glad the Strib reporters are doing their jobs.

aladdinsaneMar. 18, 1212:55 AM

"Consulting" is a scam.

usamickeyMar. 18, 12 4:24 AM

As a former School of Nursing employee, working directly with Dean Delaney, this article merely uncovers a small portion of her bad choices. Kudos to Tony Kennedy for writing it

meegwichMar. 18, 12 5:06 AM

Just another chapter in the book that keeps writing itself over at the UMN. As a resident of Minnesota I am totally ashamed and embarrassed that this crap has gone on at the University unabated for so long and nobody has done anything about it. It seems to be one scandal after another over there, and I'm not sure scandal is the right word. The University of Minnesota is totally unable to police themselves and hold themselves accountable for anything. Morals and ethics it appears are not being offered at any level. It seems that the preferred personality over there for deans and administrators and certain clinical trial investigators is narcissistic, and if confronted with anything the desired response is deny...deny...deny.

stplooklistnMar. 18, 12 5:09 AM

Double dipping seems to be the norm at the U. The past two weeks have been eye opening about the actions of management at the U. And Kaler is out asking for support, "call your legislators". Clean up your house.


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