Plan to curb welfare seen as reform - or cruelty

  • Article by: JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 18, 2012 - 10:19 AM

GOP leaders say this may be their best chance to rein in such spending.

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beaglemomMar. 17, 12 7:57 PM

I have a friend in management of a large local grocery store chain. She thinks that using a WIC type system for food stamps would ensure adequate nutrition but says her staff are frustrated at watching people pick up steaks and seafood that they as employed folks working could never consider on their own budgets. In one instance a manager called to verify that the $700 of groceries was actually legit...yep, he had a several thousand dollar monthly allotment because of his 15 kids.

joedenaborMar. 17, 12 8:00 PM

Lets see how strongly the Dems want to hold on to that vote buying gimmick of giving everything to everyone. Yes there are truly needy people, but there are also tens of thousands that abuse this system set up by democrats to reward bad behavior.

spring12Mar. 17, 12 8:04 PM

About time!!!!!

tooty123Mar. 17, 12 8:04 PM

"I think the percentage of misuse and abuse is low," he said. "I think you have to have to make sure there's absolutely as little misuse and abuse as possible."Daudt said.---Relying on a few incidents that can't be verified is again part of the GOP agenda. Drug test? Florida hasn't found this to be a problem. The majority of people in MN on food stamps and welfare are white elderly. Drug test Grandma and Grandpa? This is another of the ALEC laws to be introduced in all states with GOP legislatures. Again, the GOP attacks the most vulnerable (children) and expect them to find food somewhere. The GOP needs to lose control of our legislature.

videocatMar. 17, 12 8:11 PM

I have to take a drug test, at my job, in order to work and pay taxes. I don't feel it's out of line to ask welfare and unemployment benefit recipients to submit to drug screening before we give them a dime. And yes, if you receive any kind of money, from the state, you'd better not be sending it to another country. If church groups and other orginizations wish to sponsor people into this country and the state of Minnesota, the burden of housing and feeding these people shouldn't fall upon the working man who is just trying to support his own family. Let the sponsors pay for the housing and food.

stoneageMar. 17, 12 8:11 PM

Let's initiate a welfare eligibility Constitutional amendment. Whadaya say? And we also need a Constitutional amendment to make sure people comply with animal leash laws, and one to insure that everyones lawn is neatly trimmed, and one to ............

dentesterMar. 17, 12 8:14 PM

"The majority of people [in the Minnesota Family Investment Program] do not fit a pattern of fraud, abuse and misuse," No one's claiming a MAJORITY are cheating, just 30-40%.

rjr2205Mar. 17, 12 8:20 PM

WOW The GOP never ceases to amaze me. They run for office and get elected by promising to create jobs. So far this session their claim to fame is the promoting of constitutional amendments-voter ID, Right to Work, ban gay marriage. Now that they have those "major problems" addressed, they want to straighten out the welfare problems. Fact: We would all be financially much futher ahead if they simply addressed the massive profits the insurance companies are making off the state tax payer for providing medical coverage for low income & disabled as was established under the Tim Palenty administration. Of course it is way easier to tackle that nasty welfare cheat and possible save nickels instead of many millions of dollars. Folks who vote GOP and tolerate this kind of decision making deserve what they get.

beaglemomMar. 17, 12 8:22 PM

Welfare programs should work like student loans...the government is there to loan money to get you through rough patches and I would be fine if it were NO interest and paid back at a rate of 3%. Yes I am fine with people on permanent disability etc. not having to pay back but people opting to have children while they are on assistance is not OK.

trollboyMar. 17, 12 8:29 PM

As a civilized society we have to take care of those who are mentally and/or physically unable to take care of themselves. We need to also take care of people who are really busting their tails but still living in dire circumstances. If we took some money to create an policing/auditing process that kicked off anyone scamming the system there would be more money for those who truly need it (and hopefully he lazy & the cheaters would be driven to a different state). Everyone wins.


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