House speaker in no hurry for vote on Vikings stadium

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 17, 2012 - 2:32 AM

With an important legislative deadline having passed Friday, House Speaker Kurt Zellers remained unclear whether he would give the project a necessary procedural exemption to keep it alive at the State Capitol.

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dogman_214Mar. 16, 1211:18 PM

You're fired! Stop the political BS and do something - anything. As a voter, I'm sick to death of this on both sides of the aisle. "Why should I help you if you don't help us." It may be a game to you, but not to those who voted you to act instead of protecting your phony baloney job and re-election!

rshacklefordMar. 16, 1211:47 PM

"After a highly anticipated release of the stadium deal a week ago, no legislative committee has approved the plan and there are no hearings set." ---- Why? Because there is a perfectly fine NFL stadium already built and available! Take it or leave it Wilf. Or, get a private loan to build your wanted Taj Mahal. Simple as that.

RossbergMar. 17, 1212:02 AM

Anyone who requests or grants an exemption from the deadline rules should be required to explain specifically why they need it and what they intend to accomplish during the deadline extension which should be for a finite period. Otherwise, with no deadlines in place there is no finality to the bill. All that happens is that both sides get angrier and more polarized and the "solutions" to the problems become more desperate and bizarre. The pros and cons of electronic pulltabs aren't going to change in another week or month. Neither is the Mpls. City Council going to have a sudden change of heart. The Target Center funding diversion scheme isn't going to disappear nor are the new issues about the state having to pay for construction cost overruns going to be quickly fixed to anyone's satisfaction. Difficult as it may be this should be ended now since there's no concise plan of where to go from here. This has become what they call a zombie bill which will just lurch around and soak up everyone's attention until someone finally kills it. Doing so is the job of the leadership. End it now!

turgidMar. 17, 1212:23 AM

No new taxes.

montaguezxMar. 17, 1212:48 AM

Mr. Zellers makes a reasonable argument. The projected take from gambling does not appear to be a sufficient backbone to fund the new stadium. He is right in insisting that the general fund not be tapped to make this new Xanadu for the Vikings happen. I can't say it often enough. This is infrastructure that will be built at the cost of a billion dollars to advantage a private enterprise. I don't doubt that there are many citizens in the TC area who think this project vital to their area. In my little corner of forgotten Minnesota we are trying to figure out how to pay for basic services. Funding a new sport venue with general fund dollars is an insult to us. p.s. Governor Payday Loan and the GOP Congress put us in this position. We don't forget and we don't forgive.

dranderson99Mar. 17, 1212:56 AM

Whether you support a new taxpayer paid stadium or not, the one thing both sides can agree on is that Zellars has as much spine as a chocolate eclair (apolgies to T. Roosevelt). Zellers can't figure out which way, support or oppose, will give him the most political payoff. So he stumbles along like a drunk until fate finally decides the issue. Zellers, if you can't lead get out of the way.

HarryWildMar. 17, 12 1:42 AM

No hurry on the new stadium! It going to cost a fortune to start with; and the tickets are high now; but afterwards; you do not know what high prices are yet! I think the Viking should play at their new stadium - called Parade Stadium which will cost - $0.00! It is outdoors too!

tea5Mar. 17, 12 2:14 AM

The real reason they won't vote is because it is not politically advantageous to do so. They will let it go till after the elections in November and then come up with some other excuse not to vote on the stadium. This comes down to their perception that if they vote yes or no, they lose either way so they just won't vote at all!

fishanhunt2Mar. 17, 12 3:01 AM

Chamberlin may have an idea there., but instead a new dome. How about a state loan for 300 million dollars to refurbish the existing Dome with the ownership of the Vikings put up as collateral. That I could see. In the advent of a default the legal ownership of the Vikings to be transferred to the state of Minnesota. The State then has a stock offering to the people of MN. The NFL don't like it? Go ahead sue. The NFL's dictatorial monopoly just might come to an end..

mhaamMar. 17, 12 5:30 AM

If I was the Vikings. I would be ssooo loooong goooone. Again there is walking living proof that we are governed by idiots. Your're supposed to put the brain in gear before the lips flap. Duhh


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