Obama gives his approval to bridge across St. Croix River

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ and KEVIN GILES , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 15, 2012 - 6:04 AM

President's signature ends years of controversy, a "go" for project.

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eljayeffMar. 14, 1210:31 PM

I think that the words "toll bridge" come to mind!

arspartzMar. 14, 1211:30 PM

Do you also think that metro transit should pay for itself?

foodfeedMar. 14, 1211:50 PM

Five dollars each way! Make those who use it pay for it. This is such a bad idea.

johnmcfaddenMar. 15, 1212:10 AM

just LOOK at the picture in the article, less than a half mile in either direction this river takes a sharp turn, you know what that means right? You cannot interrupt a view if it involves less than a mile of "wilderness". Na-Na-Na-Na Boo - Boo, all you sierra club environmental types lost this round and it only cost us about 50x times more because of your obsfucations. NEXT...........

mcjoe1Mar. 15, 12 1:25 AM

It's amusing watching everyone up in arms over the 400 million going towards a new stadium, especially when the real story should be how the state is going to spend 400 million on a redundant bridge to help Wisconsinite tax evaders.

Shotz90SMar. 15, 12 1:36 AM

johnmcfadden- You mean Obfuscation? Either way, please don't use large words hippies won't understand. Please stick to smaller words with less syllables like welfare, sue and weed. This bridge is necessary and it is about time it is done.

mn612Mar. 15, 12 2:57 AM

I hear there is always a big traffic jam at the River Falls exit on I-94. Looks like Afton is about 6 miles south of I-94. Perfect spot for another boondoggle!

ThegonagleMar. 15, 12 4:46 AM

Even though it's not how I would have done it if I was king of the world, it's nice to know that something's going to finally happen. And with such low volume on such a wide roadway, it will be a pleasant, care free drive. Most of the time, you'll have the entire bridge to yourself. Happy motoring, future Wisconsin residents.

justsayinMar. 15, 12 6:03 AM

Let's remember in November the politicians who brought us this boondoggle, namely Bachmann & Klobuchar. Maybe they thought they could buy a lot of votes with this project and the rest of us wouldn't notice. But I don't think they anticipated the growing backlash. If our politicians can't even say 'NO' to obvious boondoggles like this - costing us tens of thousands per commuter - how are we EVER going to get out of debt? B&K must go.

justsayinMar. 15, 12 6:26 AM

I think Michelle B may have her sights set on the WI governorship. I hear there will be an opening there soon. Maybe she can claim her famous, govt subsidized WI farm as her residence. Clearly she forgot which side of the bridge she represents on this boondoggle bridge project. And she completely failed to get any Fed help for the project. That's a TOTAL FAIL in my book. In Nov we should help make sure she's available for that WI job opening.


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