Which month is it, anyway?

  • Article by: BILL McAULIFFE and MARIA ELENA BACA , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 15, 2012 - 8:54 AM
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mom2fourMar. 14, 1210:07 AM

Watch the comments to raise this is proof of global warming. Please, can't you folks just enjoy the normality of meteorological cyclic swings? Go for a long walk outside and enjoy the warm sunshine. It is good for the soul.

toolman28Mar. 14, 1211:36 AM

mom2four Considering that some of the warmest years have been in the past decade it could be warming but a string of aboveverage temps do not make it global warming - if we see a trend in warmer weather erlier in the season over time that will be evidence of global warming

mikey7543Mar. 14, 1211:40 AM

Minnesota weather changes in a heartbeat. Yes, this is a fluke. I wouldn't be surprised of seeing 32 degrees F in May.

swmnoldguyMar. 14, 1211:46 AM

I'm simply amazed at the people who believe the hate radio/faux noise without question, but will NOT believe the VAST MAJORITY OF THE WORLD'S SCIENTISTS!!!

gilgamesh23Mar. 14, 1212:00 PM

@mom2four: 100% agree. A warm couple weeks in one corner of one of the 190-odd countries on the planet doesn't amount to a hill of beans when you're talking global climate. Global warming is happening -- we have mountains of data going back decades that proves that. If it was 30 below and there was eight feet of snow on the ground it wouldn't change anything either.

medas2005Mar. 14, 1212:40 PM

The real data is that our ratio of new record warms to record colds is about 5 to 1. Yes, we will still occasionally have a cold snap, but much more rare. The fact that our overnight temperatures continue to warm on a year over year basis is also significant. Mother Nature is the real owner of the hoax, not the climate scientists who know exactly what is going on.

mouthwashMar. 14, 1212:56 PM

People who don't like Minnesota's isolated, provincial society can take this year's mild late-winter as an opportunity to "Get out of Dodge", or at least start making preparations.

StarquestMar. 14, 12 1:08 PM

@medas2005 Yes, the overnight lows are possibly even more interesting than the freakish highs. Our overnight low today was 48. That's about 8 degrees *above the average high* for this date. That is incredible to me.

member11Mar. 14, 12 1:11 PM

Global climate change. If this becomes permanent and we end up with a Mediterranean climate I'm fine with that. But I hope someone is checking on the ramifications world wide as opposed to pretending there's "nothing to see here".

mstthreekMar. 14, 12 1:55 PM

Over the course of history temperature increases have always coincided with increases in carbon in the air. To think we have nothing to do with warming temperatures is classic head in sand syndrom. But there has always been fluctuations in temperature so while I think we are contributing I don't think we are the sole reason. So I'm not an alarmist or someone who thinks global warming is total bunk. Wow, did you hear all those heads exploding?


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