March 13: Minnesota legislators lose taste for statewide wellness campaign

  • Article by: KATIE HUMPHREY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 7, 2013 - 8:20 PM

It's too costly with too few results, they say. Advocates insist it's too soon to draw any conclusions on effectiveness.

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asmithe2Mar. 13, 1210:47 PM

If the obesity problem can not be fixed in a single legislative term, it obviously can never be fixed. But a stadium that will take 15 legislative terms to pay off? That should be a priority!

mockingyouMar. 13, 1210:55 PM

if the government stops building bike racks, will it also stop building roads?

chuckdancerMar. 13, 1210:59 PM

Republicans do not care about people , they care about ideology. Wellness is not on the little sheet of paper they carry around with them . But, if they will be consistent and evaluate business tax cuts in the same manner as this program then I guess that will have to do.

AirForceGuyMar. 13, 1211:55 PM

Politics COULD help solve the problem of obesity and unhealthiness in this country IF lawmakers actually had the courage to pass meaningful laws regulating what Americans put in their bodies. Corn syrup, trans fats, saccharine, phenylalanine, sodium benzoate, aspartame potassium...all of these chemical compounds are banned in Europe but not here. Nope. In the U.S.A. you theoretically could liquify pure garbage and pump it into your system and many POLITICIANS (although most are Republican) would probably tell you that it's your right to do so. That's the shouldn't be. Food producers should be RIGIDLY regulated about what they can and cannot put in food and consumers should have limits placed on how much crap they can put into their bodies. Most diet pop is 400 times sweeter than regular pop and it messes your body up. The REASON healthcare in America is completely out of reach, even for people with insurance, is because Americans are some of the most unhealthy specimens on earth. Seriously. I've lived in Europe and you can easily spot Americans 500 feet away (they were usually the ones wearing ball caps, talking loudly, and being 30-50 lbs overweight).

codger1016Mar. 14, 1212:00 AM

Cut the funding and support for a program before it can yield results, then say the program was a failure and a waste of money. Makes sense to me!

acmiddleton1Mar. 14, 1212:07 AM

A courageous voice, Roger Vang advocating contrarian position "health insurance claims are down and insurance premiums have stayed largely flat even as premiums at many companies have gone up, saving about $100,000. "The payback was astonishing," he said."

deedee1961Mar. 14, 1212:15 AM

This kind of work in reducing obesity rates and tobacco use rates is essential in improving the health of Minnesotans, and ultimately reducing health care costs. It takes some time to make a change...our elected officials need to continue to invest in this type of work that help improve health and prevent disease.

jcinmnMar. 14, 1212:32 AM

The legislative leaders that i see on TV all of the time certainly could benefit from the wellness campaign. Maybe they'd see the value of it if they partake before their coronaries

jcinmnMar. 14, 1212:34 AM

mockingyou - "if the government stops building bike racks, will it also stop building roads?" IT SHOULD

ammunraMar. 14, 12 3:01 AM

'I don't believe, and have not seen, any evidence that the money being spent has any measurable effect on anything," said Sen. David Hann' -- Yeah, because you gut the programs early so they don't have enough to sustain for the long term. Pretty simple cause and effect there, Slim.


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