Vikings stadium bill trips over projections of gaming revenue

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 12, 2012 - 10:45 PM

Legislators question prospects of pulltabs, bingo as reliable financing.

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wearebrokeMar. 12, 12 9:55 PM

this new stadium will be a money losing proposition, AVOID IT!

rx8guy1968Mar. 12, 1210:03 PM

Whatever. Lets give all the money to welfare and other assistance programs they have had a history of creating lots of jobs... lol

sharkysharkMar. 12, 1210:04 PM

Estimates of gambling revenues have always been "blue sky" guesses. Does anyone remember the unrealistic projections for the money that the Lottery was expected to produce? The only way that this deal makes any sense is if Zygi Wilf, The Minnesota Vikings and the National Football League are all made co-guarantors of any cost overruns during the entire life of any new stadium. This stadium will benefit them most (the "people" already have a stadium with a new roof and playing surface).

asmithe2Mar. 12, 1210:08 PM

There was a time when Republicans stood for social AND fiscal conservatism. This bill proves they have dropped their fiscal watchdog role and now all they care about is getting re-elected. A party that won't stand for something will fall for anything. That is what you are seeing here.

furguson11Mar. 12, 1210:12 PM

This has been a red herring issue for the GOP since the beginning. Promise to find a solution, stalled. Promise to find a solution, stalled. At the end of this they'll find a way to try to blame Dayton or the Minneapolis City Council when they never had any intent of pushing legislation through.

munsterlandrMar. 12, 1210:16 PM

Minnesotans have been demanding Zilf, his investors, and the players voluntarily release their 2011 and 2010 Federal & State tax returns yet for some reason the media fails to report this. Minnesotans are entitled to know just how much Minnesota Income Tax is paid by this group of super wealthy individuals seeking taxpayer funding for their stadium.

logician88Mar. 12, 1210:25 PM

Gosh -- how can you possibly question the reliability of revenues from pull tabs and bingo? People can't survive without them. Kind of like water and oxygen. So I'm sure that no economic downturn could possibly make those revenues come in under projections.

ericaloeMar. 12, 1210:28 PM

This bill is a disaster because it is not economically beneficial to citizens. It may create some jobs in the short run and bring in some tourism and NFL player tax revenues, but not enough to finance the construction and operation of the proposed facility.

reidMar. 12, 1210:31 PM

The implication from the story is that in order to placate or buy off the charitable organizations, Dayton threw $10,000,000 towards them. Where did THIS money come from? Is there ten mil just hanging around in the budget that he can promise it to what he feels is a well deserving charity? Must be nice to spend other people's money. And a one-time $10 mil kiss and make up stipend doesn't carry into the year after, nor the year after that and so on. Does anyone believe anything in this attempt to get this rammed through and in place before the people vote him and others out of office? I hope others remember the phrase about having to pass a law to see what's in it. If you want to run your company that way, fine. But don't run the people's government and the peoples' lives by spending their hard earned money in extra taxes that will need to be levied.

nomedsMar. 12, 1210:33 PM

None of this is a surprise. Didn't think it would go anywhere from the very beginning.


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