'Right to work' battle pitched in Minnesota

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE and JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 13, 2012 - 5:48 AM

Bill proposes amending state Constitution to ban mandatory union dues.

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SwiftBoatMar. 12, 12 8:51 PM

Mandatory union dues? That isn't very Pro-Choice? Is it?

paramedicrnMar. 12, 12 8:53 PM

Yeah, I would like not to have to pay union dues. I would be real smart to be able to collect all the benefits that the others put in place before I came. When enough of the workers are non-union, ultimately, the employer can eliminate the union. But, then they (duh) are going to eliminate one by one the wages, benefits, safeguards, standards and all else. Gues where I'll be then? Hoping to find a better job, maybe in a union state, of course.

trollboyMar. 12, 12 8:54 PM

""I feel my human and civil rights have been violated by this mandatory union membership,'' said teacher Elaine Kollar." ----- bet you she gets ostrasized by her (childish)co-workers for disagreeing

trollboyMar. 12, 12 8:56 PM

cricketed "- I'm going to apply to be a Non Union Cop once the amendment is passed...cant wait----- good luck calling for backup! Oh and i am sure the other cops will have your back on that one" ------- It..is...just...too...easy to get precisely the response I wanted from a Union member. Exactly what Union members would do. Thanks for confiming what all of us already know. Ever wonder why Unions are not held in high regrads?

timtlo1Mar. 12, 12 9:13 PM

Governor Dayton is absolutely correct that "right to work" is a misnomer. It is strictly a political maneuver meant to weaken unions and erode support for Democrats. The middle class worker's lives that would be affected are just collateral damage as far as the Republicans are concerned. RTW reduces wages, "supporters insisted the measure is crucial to making the state attractive for homegrown businesses and companies looking to relocate here" Thompson said. Yeah, that means lower wages.

garynumanMar. 12, 12 9:14 PM

Vote YES for Right To Work! Why are the unions scared about this? If a worker doesn't like his or her job, go find a better one. Or....be self-emplyed and start your own business. If the union is so great, let people choose to pay for it, or not. Final question. Why do unions exist within the government sector?

rcarlson1970Mar. 12, 12 9:17 PM

Employers are competing all the time for the best and brightest. They offer incentives, bonuses and benefits to do this. If your worried about your job you better start looking at what your doing wrong.

justsayinMar. 12, 12 9:17 PM

The party pushing this amendment would like you to believe they're all about the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Or so they claim. Except when it's not convenient. Fact is, the Founding Fathers designed this great country around a representative government. They explicitly were quite against the tyranny of the masses.

falcon1676Mar. 12, 12 9:18 PM

And this is how fascists kill the middle class.

vegas2112Mar. 12, 12 9:23 PM

The GOP/TEA legislature knows that if they dumb things down enough, if they simplify issues to three words, then they can count on simple rubes to vote against their own interests -- all in the name of tea party "freedom." Rather pathetic -- the GOP needs to be voted out of their majority in 8 short months.


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