Stadium deal may test Minneapolis charter

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 12, 2012 - 5:57 AM

The plan for a Vikings stadium proposes bypassing a key local hurdle: a mandated vote on subsidies over $10M.

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louieaMar. 11, 12 7:56 PM

In a way, what difference does it make if the politicians can or cannot skirt the referendum? The focal point really is quite simple: What do the people who are expected to pay for a new stadium want to do? Pay for it or not? If it's clear to Rybak, Johnson, et al that the people don't want to pay for it, then the mayor and city council shouldn't pursue support of a publicly funded stadium. After all, isn't that why they were elected, to represent the will of the people who elected them? To do otherwise is an insult to the intelligence of the voters and is the same as Bennett and Ortega said to the people of St. Paul: "You are too stupid to make decisions about how your taxes will be spent so we will make them for you." For Rybak, Johnson, et al to act in bad faith, as they are happily doing, is unconscionable. And if the legislature further condones their selfish pursuit of handing taxpayer money to Zygi by allowing them to circumvent the referendum, the legislators are equally to blame for acting completely against the desires of their own constituents. As for Rosen and Lanning, again I question their motivations for introducing a bill that spends our money but none of their own constituents' money - why should they have any say in the decision at all?

erikj3Mar. 11, 12 7:58 PM

If the people don't get a vote, all these politicians should be booted out of office.

cartoonconnMar. 11, 12 8:07 PM

Just another example of billionaire getting what he wants at the expense of everyone else, and our "leaders" showing their true colors once again.

OzmodiusMar. 11, 12 8:10 PM

It's funny how these "politicians" run around begging for our votes and YET, when they get elected, turn their backs on us because, of course, they "know" better than us "little people!" This stadium will get built no matter how many of us Minneapolis residents want it or not. Someone said that IF the people of Minneapolis pay for this "playground", then the Vikings should be re-named the "Minneapolis" Vikings! Why not? Also, every Minneapolis resident should get one free ticket to one game a year. I think that's fair!

acctsah2Mar. 11, 12 8:11 PM

How disgusting is that. Why oh why are stadium backers so terrified of a referendum vote? It's quite simple, yes or no. I do find it quite fascinating how open politicians have become about their blatant disregard for the law, and for what? A stupid stadium.

pustule2Mar. 11, 12 8:13 PM

You will never convince me that these politicians who are suddenly adamant about not representing their constituents are not on the take in one way or another, whether it's money, campaign contributions, employment for their friends and relatives, or something else. The facts and numbers show that they are not benefitting the public. They are also not dutifully representing the taxpayers. So where is the benefit to them? Personal favors?

drudgemonkeyMar. 11, 12 8:14 PM

The plan that includes MPLS covering any major stadium costs is dead on arrival. Sorry want a new playpen for the Vikings? Let the STATE pay for the municipal/county share...via a statewide liquor tax. If the Vikings are such an asset, and its so important for them to stay, then find a reasonable funding source that doesn't bankrupt the most important city in MN. And put it in Arden Hills, Shakopee, Duluth, Albert Lea, or wherever you like.

edkohlerMar. 11, 12 8:24 PM

Rybak has failed to explain to city residents why this is a good deal for city residents. It's certainly a good deal for Zygi Wilf. And, I can see why state legislators like the idea of Minneapolis picking up half of the corporate welfare tab. But, why is it a good deal for Minneapolis to divert revenue collected in the city to a New Jersey businessman?

kivirl4Mar. 11, 12 8:28 PM

I dont live in Minneapolis but agree with those who would say its unfair for Minneapolis to pay for more than its share. But I go further: The State should not pay for it either.

kinnickMar. 11, 12 9:15 PM

Best joke of all--Rybek behaving like a republican & then cozy's up with billionaire Ziggy,where is the OUTRAGE Dem's??? Gov.Rybek or senator Rybek down the slippery slope!


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