For Jabs and Benilde, tears end in triumph

  • Article by: RACHEL BLOUNT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 11, 2012 - 7:37 AM

When Jack Jablonski met his championship teammates in the locker room, "everyone went nuts."

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dexterjibsMar. 10, 1211:19 PM

So, grant Besse is a junior that just scores 93 points ths season and he is a Wisonsin Badger recruit? Where is Don Lucia? I hope Besse changes his mind cuz this guy is the real deal and needs to be in a Gopher uniform. Don better do some heavy recruiting of Besse during his senior season.

marquettelawMar. 10, 1211:33 PM

How can the state high school officials not let Jablonski on the ice? What a joke they should be ashamed.

ecaeo5Mar. 11, 1212:19 AM

He shouldn't have been allowed on the ice because he wasn't part of the Varsity team. He was a JV player. Similarly, #16 shouldn't have been on the ice after being ejected for spearing.

marytwollanMar. 11, 1212:46 AM

The failure of the high school officials to allow Jack on the ice was an insult to his inspiration that was heartfelt by so many. What rule prevented this? Seems like a an infraction of ADA. Also want to know why there was no medal presented for Jack? Two non-playing members of the team were medaled. I was stunned when the teams names and numbers were called out in order 11, 12, then 17, with no mention of number 13. How could his membership on the team be so blatantly ignored?

wisstinks2Mar. 11, 12 1:18 AM

Congrats to BSM a great victory for the team, coaches and hockey community. Beating hill Murray is a great accomplishment. Getting past the emotional roller coaster of Dec 30 and inning for your team and Jabs. Good for you.

eddiegMar. 11, 12 7:35 AM

The love, support, and sense of family shown to one young man in his time of need is not something that would have happened just anywhere. The people make Minnesota special. So glad this chapter of Jabs' story ended beautifully. I couldn't be prouder to be a Minnesotan (by choice, not birth) and life-long hockey fan. Congrats BSM hockey! You're a special group of kids. Good luck in the NHL, Mr. Besse. But may you find only goalposts and crossbars against the Gophers. ;-).

hockeyfoxMar. 11, 12 7:53 AM

Don Lucia, when all is said and done, will go down as a disappointment. Besse probably already knows that.

william16Mar. 11, 12 8:20 AM

Congrats to Benilde on the state title. As for the high school league officials who wouldn't let Jablonski on the ice to celebrate with his teammates: classless and clueless. 17,000+ paying fans, players and coaches of both teams, plus tens of thousands watching on t.v., many of whom were following the tourney because of Jablonski, would have loved to have seen him post-game. Had that occurred, the video would have gone around the world, for the benefit of all of MN hockey.

bippy742Mar. 11, 12 8:39 AM

That is a fabulous picture of the two boys! Congrats to the team!

Verita_e_paceMar. 11, 12 9:21 AM

Congratulations to all the boys and to #13! Their story, while heartbreaking, is full of hope and success. Let's not detract from that by second-guessing officials who most assuredly had his safety at heart. I pray that Jack and his family have many more triumphs ahead. Congratulations to a very classy coach and team. (I'm fairly sure that the "team" extends far beyond those boys on the ice). We all learned a little about hope, passion, and love. Nice.


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