Stadium debate puts downtown's last frontier front and center

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE and JANET MOORE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 7, 2012 - 1:07 PM

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak envisions an urban community thriving in the shadow of a new stadium.

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hobie2Mar. 10, 12 9:31 PM

---"Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak envisions an urban community thriving in the shadow of a new stadium.".... Whatever it is these politicians smoke for lunch, the taxpayers need to get some of it... Uh.. there is a stadium there now. Not happening after 30 years.. rearranging the concrete and adding 500 box seats is going to make a difference to the "local community" and make it a golden place in the sun? Wow.. what can you say but wow.

erikj3Mar. 10, 12 9:50 PM

Wilf knows that if he can get taxpayers to foot the bill for most of his new playground, he can come out way ahead by selling naming rights and developing the area (of COURSE he owns land by the Dome, I would be surprised if he didn't). The bottom line is that this will be a huge economic disaster for the state and for Minneapolis in particular. At some point, the people have to say no. And it sounds like they're getting that.

diamondvampMar. 10, 1210:40 PM

Rybak is a disaster for Minneapolis. Look at Block E. It's a ghost town. All because Rybak is on board with DFL tax and spend policy. We need to get rid of him.

DufferHMar. 10, 1210:58 PM

Will the STrib please publish a map that shows precisely the land being discussed? There was no clarity to the earlier one published. And why all this beating around the bush about the STrib land? The does land in question include the block now occupied by the STrib building?

forfreedomMar. 10, 1211:18 PM

If Rybak and Dayton try to force this thing through by bypassing the legally required referendum, they should both be run out of office at the first opportunity. What part of "following the law" do they not understand? Their arrogance is beyond stunning. It's shameful.

BCanniffMar. 10, 1211:47 PM

Rybak is not just talking about a new stadium but a complex including a Viking Hall of Fame that will attract visitors year round. A new stadium and development of this area is long overdue.

doobiechadMar. 10, 1211:50 PM

No one wants a new and improved Metrodome. Do it right, not downtown. Tailgating and game day experience would be better served elsewhere. Please don't charge me $60 bucks and pack us one lot, or better yet another parking ramp. We all know this plan stinks. SKOL PONDER!!

oldpunkMar. 11, 12 1:25 AM

Rybak envisions stealing taxpayers money by not letting the legally demanded tax referendum come to a vote. Odd that all us lefties and tea party folks can agree on no new taxes for billionaires.

ollie3Mar. 11, 12 1:25 AM

do the R and T stand for Rsharon Tsayles? an urban community, ya know, couple national theme restaurants, chain bookstore, arcade/bowling alley, movie theater....if this was an attractive area to develop it would have been developed by now. Who in the world would want to live next to a stadium? Best thing that happened for creating a 'community' feel in downtown is when they let someone finally develop over those decrepit tailgating lots.

minn12Mar. 11, 12 3:30 AM

Rybak and the city council want downtown to be like some European utopia, where everyone will live and work downtown, ride bikes and sing kumbaya. Only problem is, it's a failed model, yet they just won't stop. Just look at how they have turned downtown into a ghost town for businesses, with their high taxes, hatred for cars, silly bike lanes, and crazy parking schemes. It's clear Minneaplis voters need to clean house next election, although after decades of liberals being in charge, it may be too late to turn things around.


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