Stadium package gets a cold reception

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 10, 2012 - 6:49 AM

Pulltab financing for new Vikings home encounters snags.

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drudgemonkeyMar. 9, 12 9:53 PM

Fatally flawed plan. Try again next year, with Hennepin County and the Farmers' Market site.

ollie3Mar. 9, 1210:00 PM

I think I get it now...Dayton/Mondale are trying to come up with a funding plan that is so preposterously unworkable, it will fail and fail quickly, so they won't have to deal with as much political fallout from it as they otherwise might, while they can still shurg their shoulders and say "we tried."

gaborikMar. 9, 1210:05 PM

Don't bid that billionare a staduim!! Heck No! Move the team away from here, we don't need them.

averageman1Mar. 9, 1210:05 PM

So this plan is to pay for the Vikings stadium with monies collected from Charitable Gambling places. I didn't realize the Vikings were a legal charity.

asmithe2Mar. 9, 1210:13 PM

So, $10 million in annual tax relief is not enough for the charities? Now, I think, we are seeing the flaw in gambling as a funding source. It's easy to make estimated revenue out to whatever you want it to be. Harder to find anyone who can provide it. If this stadium is a priority, we should pay for it with tax dollars. If it isn't, we should let the team leave. The only people served by shell games like these are republicans hoping to run out the clock so they don't have to vote on this before the November election.

luvsfootballMar. 9, 1210:18 PM

This is so painful! Too bad it's too late to buy Packers stock...this is just troublesome.

kinnickMar. 9, 1210:23 PM

Give it up Dayton, you're starting to look like the "upper"1% that you dem's are always after,If you want to tax the rich like you said you wanted,prove it & let your pal Ziggy built his own stadium. Do you really think if he could vote he would for you-------NOT

erikj3Mar. 9, 1210:28 PM

What's going to happen is Wilf will come out hundreds of millions ahead, and taxpayers will be left holding a deflated football. Privatize gains, socialize losses is a very profitable business model.

RossbergMar. 9, 1210:41 PM

For people having this much confidence in the ability of electronic pulltabs to generate hundreds of millions of new dollars they certainly are reluctant to tell anyone how they came up with their projections. It sounds like a miraculous solution since it covered the $300 million the state originally expected to spend on the stadium and then suddenly it was able to automatically expand itself to cover the $400 million they now say they'll need. If it can do that then why stop there? Why not have it pay for the Minneapolis portion as well? The state could have gone to electronic pulltabs at any time. It didn't need to wait for a need for stadium funding to do so. At least then we'd have some history. But you can't build the entire plan on thin air which what this looks like. Unless they can come up with some compelling evidence showing how other states have made millions on this then this shouldn't even be considered. The thing is - it doesn't look like any state has even tried this, only a few bingo halls in Florida.

zenmaster9Mar. 9, 1210:43 PM

Just leave our state already-vikings. To even think of building a stadium during a great depression is reason enough to impeach this goof ball. Folks are losing homes and losing jobs and goof ball wants to build a stadium with state money????? Have another drink, as we know.


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