Nishioka still not comfortable, making defensive mistakes

  • Article by: LA VELLE E. NEAL , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 10, 2012 - 9:00 AM


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stanbobMar. 9, 12 7:57 PM

""I haven't accomplished anything yet, but there's a sense that my rehab process is coming to an end," Wainwright said" Correct, you were going against the twins.

rudy477Mar. 9, 12 9:00 PM

What were the Twins' scouts thinking when the looked at Nishi? He had to be taught how to backhand a ground ball last year and still doesn't have a clue how to turn a double play. That's a pretty good indication of the level of play in Japan. Nishi is trying his best but his understanding of the game is at a high school level.

dranderson99Mar. 9, 12 9:35 PM

Thw Twins relied on video of Nishioka not on boots on the ground seeing his performance. That is why they were so clueless of his deficiencies.

jimmy68Mar. 9, 1210:05 PM

could maybe the strib writers at least learn or know how to spell players' names correctly? WAINWRIGHT.... thanks jo kristensen & levelee e neile

stuckincheesMar. 9, 1210:35 PM

Nishi join the crowd, I'm not comfortable either with billionaire owners that do nothing to improve on a 99 loss team other than sign a 38 yr old slap hitting SS and a man that strikes out too much.Add to these facts a manager that that should have been fired years ago because he can't win when it counts.He should be fired for his record again the Yanks alone. KC has a better record than Gardy does. I ask fans why you be comfortable with this team?

gulfcoastMar. 9, 1211:38 PM

Obviously Ben Revere isn't "comfortable" with his base-running skills either. We'll never read about him getting doubled of first on a pop-out though!!

knight63Mar. 10, 12 1:20 AM

Duh? Nishi is, and always will be, AA talent, at best. That was obvious LAST year. He just doesnt get it, and apparently doesnt have the physical tools to be a MLB player. Lets face it: He is on the team because Twins Mgmt dropped the ball and stupidly gave him $15 million. They wont just cut him. That would reveal their enormous mistake, which was signing him in the first place. Wont happen. He will get sent down to the minors, but they WONT release him. So get used to it, as laughable as it is...

twinsman007Mar. 10, 12 1:26 AM

Why are we even messing around with a guy that cannot field and has absolutely no business being in this league. It's funny that the front office is just trying to make this work when it has absolutely ZERO chance of working out. Step up and admit "We made a mistake and should not have signed him." Instead they continue to keep giving him the benefit of the doubt when he doesn't deserve it. We are trying to win and not lose. That's fine if we don't want to spend money, but this is not an option even in AA. And no, they didn't rely on video, because with video you can at least see someone's capabilities. Which brings me to my last point our utility guy is CHANG people - just watch him field. He plays EVERY position and very well. I went and did some scouting of my own and I'll take this and his average any day...

bolock54Mar. 10, 12 7:26 AM

Time to send him down to Triple A.....what a waste of 15 million....he should have adapted somewhat since he first came up, but sounds like nothing much has changed......

twinsfanwy1Mar. 10, 12 8:05 AM

I still say send Nishi to New Britain, not Rochester. We're going to have Dozier in Rochester and he needs to play everyday. In fairness to Nishi, he's not the only guy making daily gaffs. Ben Revere has excelled at sloppy, unintelligent play as well.


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