Senator says Target Center is in Vikings stadium bill, 'but it isn’t’

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 7, 2012 - 6:32 AM

Separate efforts to aid Target Center and build a new Vikings home seek a delicate balance and max support.

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donm251Mar. 6, 12 9:25 PM

The Vikings will go the way of the North Stars because of Minnesota's political inability to get anything accomplished.

murphydogMar. 6, 12 9:27 PM

Please stop this insanity now!

lamcgoughMar. 6, 12 9:29 PM

better solution is 1/8% sales tax - split 2/3 seven country metro and 1/3 out state. otherwise change the name to Minneapolis vikings - just like green bay, st louis, pitttsburgh and so on where is the outstate $'s in this topic

mnpls123Mar. 6, 12 9:34 PM

Betsy Hodges - are you in favor of any development in this city? First the Linden corner and now the stadium. It is time for you to go so we can have a real leader representing ward 13.

jeebers76Mar. 6, 12 9:38 PM

I personally am against ANY public money being used for the Vikings. We have to pay for the infrastructure to support any new stadium, like cops, fire, water, electricity, communications etc already! The idea that Zygi wants us to give him dough so he will keep his team here is nothing more than extortion, especially in a time when the state is broke! Better to spend that money on getting poor people an education so they can get decent jobs here. As a state, we just don't have the population to support that many sports teams. Let the Vikes leave.

refurnishMar. 6, 12 9:38 PM

Heck with Rybak and Wilf. If the City can't do a straight & simple deal then it is time to move on. I live in the City and I am getting fed up with Rybak. He has other legacies, not all so good, and he does not need a multi-year stadium (s?) obligation included. Lets just throw all of the career politicians out this election year ~ ! ~

bigbradMar. 6, 12 9:52 PM

Isn't it nice that these poloticians are so willing to accomodate these MILLIONAIRE players and BILLIONAIRE owners with your tax dollars???

metalixMar. 6, 12 9:52 PM

Why do we have to use existing taxes? If a sales tax's purpose has been served, get rid of it! (Rep. Greg Davids proposed this idea last month)

cav1234Mar. 6, 12 9:54 PM

So the Legislature is going to circumvent the city charter provision twice. Once by labeling what has always been called the city contribution (convention taxes) as "state" money. That's totally inconsistent with the Governor/Legislature/Rybak's own plan, which refers to the taxes as the city's contribution, not state money. And then the Legislature will override the charter provision for the Target Center improvements, so they can pass two bills that are really one (another dishonest fiction). All of this dishonesty over the City Council's opposition (unlike Target Field, where the local governing body - Hennepin County Board - voted for a referendum exemption). This is ridiculous.

sharkysharkMar. 6, 12 9:55 PM

No Vote, No Deal!


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