Wolves complain Rubio targeted

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  • Updated: March 6, 2012 - 10:15 PM

Opponents seeking to slow down Timberwolves rookie Ricky Rubio have done so by attempting to bump and muscle him at every turn.

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t_stevensMar. 6, 1211:53 PM

If I were Ricky I'd hire a strength trainer. He's young and will, no doubt, get bigger and stronger. But he could get there much faster and start giving it back sooner with some strength training. Go Ricky!

bruisedupMar. 7, 12 7:07 AM

I'm sure Steve Nash has gone through this. Nash is 6'3" and weighs 178 lbs. He's also 38 years old now so it can't be getting any easier to play in the NBA. It's not just important for Rubio to learn how Nash deals with this but it could also help Rubio if the Wolves learned what the Suns to to protect Nash. I doubt if the Suns are sending film to anybody to look at.

samiamMar. 7, 12 7:22 AM

Second the comment about getting a strength trainer. Notice that Rubio himself is not complaining. We could use more athletes with that attitude.

kjmartinnMar. 7, 12 8:35 AM

All the same, I'd still enjoy the game more if the refs would just cut the WWE routine and call the game the same for everyone. If a no-name NBA defender does anything but run the other direction when a superstar is driving they will be called for a foul.

chuchadoroMar. 7, 1210:12 AM

Weights, jump shots, weights, jump shots. This kid will be unstoppable in a few years.

ljturtleMar. 7, 1210:25 AM

He's just so cute and I hate to see him get pushed around every game. And yes, this comment was written by a woman...

richardxMar. 7, 1210:26 AM

I think that Rubio needs to get into the weight room, pack on some pounds and get mentally tougher. Any time you come into any professional sport with all of the fanfare that Ricky Rubio has, all eyes are on you. When Michael Jordan was a young nba player he got bullied by the Pistons. All of the nba teams saw that if they played Michael more aggressively, it was better for them. Michael being the competitor that he was, went into the weight room amd bulked up. I think that the sports scene in Minnesota is one that lends itself to being known as a soft sports city. Perfect example of this is the Gophers basketball team. You always have the local sports community telling us that Gopher recruits are going to pull them out of the rut that they always seem to be in. Case in point Ralph Sampson Jr., without a doubt one of the softest big men in a long line of soft Gopher B-Ballers. This time next year you can add Rodney Williams to this list. Ricky, the best thing you can do is keep your attitude positive, hit the weight room, and always know that you have the ability to do great things here with the T-WOLVES. Only you can change the way the other players around the play you. When you bulk up and get stronger and play through all of the physical play you will start getting more favorable calls. Players are trying to intimidate you because they. realize that they need help in dealing with your abilities to control a game. If the players around the league didn`t respect you or your game, they would`nt bother trying to be so physical with you.

BCanniffMar. 7, 12 2:02 PM

Wouldn't be surprised if they put a Wolf bounty on him!

sloughfoxMar. 7, 12 2:16 PM

getting stronger is for sure necessary but the wolves need to highlight the muggings he's been taking. that last game he almost got his head torn off a couple times while simply dribbling around a corner without a call. completely inconsistent reffing. reminiscent of brett against the aints. physical is fine but fouls are fouls unless you're that one homer greaser weasil with the slicked-back hair.

tprattMar. 8, 12 9:19 AM

I love it that the complaints aren't from the player. And, I don't really see him trying to sell the foul like most players do.


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