Revised records hit new Twin Cities' lows

  • Article by: BILL McAULIFFE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 7, 2012 - 6:46 AM

A national tweak of weather reporting reveals new "threads" that upset previously held records.

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redkayakMar. 6, 1211:57 PM

Sounds like they want to prove global warming by using less reliable data. If this data was good, why wasn't it included in the first place?

crunchyboyMar. 7, 1212:51 AM

Sounds like somebody didn't bother to read the whole article. Eggleston said the new data should not serve as evidence of climate change, since they deal with extremes and not long-term trends. The study's point, he added, was to link observations from different sources, and such variations would undermine any climate measure. The weather record for the Twin Cities, for example, now includes observations taken over time in downtown St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis, St. Paul Downtown Airport and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. So what's the point? "It gives you an idea what's in Mother Nature's bag of tricks," Boulay said. "It'll probably never get to 40 below again, but it's good to know it did happen." There are the last 3 paragraphs for you. You're welcome.

archyopterxMar. 7, 12 1:55 AM

it'll probably never get to -40 below again?what a crock of nonsense.

OzmodiusMar. 7, 12 3:40 AM

July 23, 1987? I remember that day very clearly! Opening my buddy's car door and watching the water just "whoosh" right in! Funny though, I could have sworn that in the winter of 95-96 we had a few -40 degree days in the Twin Cities?

ZorakMar. 7, 12 3:55 AM

Redkayak, these data are from the US Army Signal Corps. From Wikipedia:

In 1870, the Signal Corps established a congressionally mandated national weather service. With the assistance of Lieutenant Adolphus Greely, Chief Signal Officer Brigadier General Albert James Myer, by the time of his death in 1880, commanded a weather service of international acclaim. The weather bureau became part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1891, while the Corps retained responsibility for military meteorology.

retiredchefMar. 7, 12 5:07 AM

I have weathered 66 winters in MN. Cold is cold. What fool decided to change weather records that have stood for 7o years? They weren't alive to collect scientific data nor were they alive to authenticate it. Nor can they rely on this data today..... It would be interresting to find out "who - the person" is who gave the go ahead for this is. What's your name? Come forward young whippersnapper.

rickbmnMar. 7, 12 7:43 AM

Yep, you know it will be used by the global warming alarmists. They always (and "conveniently") neglect to include all the facts (why let pesky little details get in the way) when they spew their garbage. They won't tell the stiry, they'll just say temps were much colder back then and not mention the records were adjusted. Short memories... Everyone already forget about Climategate at East Anglia, where the global warming alarmists were caught by their own emails in fabricating the data??? So what was the point of this story anyway, if not to give the alarmists ammunition? It's certainly not newsworthy... anyone really care about this? How about an in-depth report about... oh, I don't know... gov't regulations, spending, the economy???

neilgdMar. 7, 12 8:13 AM

retiredchef - I have weathered 53 winters in Minnesota and don't get some of your commnents. Why does there have to be someone still alive to "authenticate" the earlier records? Do you really think somebody took an eraser and changed some of the readings or just looked out the window and thought "ahh, looks like about 40 below" and wrote that in? I realize some of the readings were taken in different locations and obviously didn't have the equipment we have today, but I don't think they went back far enough. They have records that go back to the 1820's from Fort Snelling that I think should be included.

pj1976mnMar. 7, 12 8:35 AM

re: retiredchef - "it would be interesting to find out who - the person is who gave the go ahead for this is. What's your name? Come forward young whippersnapper". It was probably that darn Sven Sundgaard.

thehoffersMar. 7, 12 9:10 AM

So, while the state was still coming off the mini ice age, does that imply that the area was subject to cliamte change, and increasing mean temps? I see they added a number of new record high temps as well. Was it due to those indians burning biomass in large quantities?


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