Kaler says he'll limit U's plush pay packages

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS and TONY KENNEDY , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 6, 2012 - 9:56 PM

Bruininks had been criticized for bending U's executive leave policy.

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alr213Mar. 6, 12 5:36 PM

I'll bet if you looked around, you'd find that chicanery like this is the norm at most colleges. Would certainly explain why tuition increases have gallopped along at breathtaking multiples of inflation over the last 15 years, financed on the backs of naive kids willing to go deep in debt for the privilege.

basia2186Mar. 6, 12 6:26 PM

All leave should be unpaid unless it is for a disability, where it should be covered by short or long term disability insurance. I live in a little township in Northern Mn. Our "supervisors" make about $500 a month to go to a 2 hour meeting. Half of the supervisors head South for the winter. They get paid while they are gone. So do our "fine" members of our "volunteer" fire department. This graft and corruption of our tax dollars must cease! If you are not there, you don't get paid. Period. You cannot accrue sick, vacation or pension credits if you are not there. This is what happens in the real world. Taxpayers had best wake up.

ranger78Mar. 6, 12 7:00 PM

This was a no-brainer. You knew Kaler would have to act on this. The sad thing is that no matter how appalled Rep Norton (DFL) said she is, she has been in office since 2007. The DFL was in power for decades until 2011. Where was the legislative oversight starting then? This has been going on for years. If the DFL had done it's job by actually scrutinizing the U of MN budget, this would have been stopped years ago. We are long past due for a line by line hard as nails look at the budgets of the state gov't, including the U of MN system and MNSCU. There are millions of dollars in waste.

kenw1952wMar. 6, 12 7:47 PM

I agree with "ranger78" in principle, that the entire State budget be reviewed line by line and to go into the review with the goal of cutting budgets to every department by 10%. Taxpayers have seen enough examples of government waste on every level that it should not be an unrealistic goal to cut every local, county, state dept. budget by 10%. The Hiawatha walking bridge $7M, U of M golden parachutes, Burnsville school board, White Bear Lake school board, Mpls. bicycle comptroller, etc. etc., the nonsense will continue to taxpayers insist on accountability. I suspect ranger78's political leanings have prejudiced his explanation for blame. It's not just the DFL, TPaw was our Governor for 8 years and he did nothing to stop the madness.

rjm123Mar. 6, 12 8:06 PM

this is despicable. the greed and arrogance and almost elitism of the u has been around a long time while they keep coming to us for more money and higher tuition for our kids. shame on them and shame on us for no oversight. tcf--no problem.. another good example... i agree that some of these academic institutions need a complete auditing and financial review. thanks to the strib for covering this.

nerowolfeMar. 6, 12 8:19 PM

"Cronyism" seems to be today's ethic in government, academia, and certainly the boardroom. No wonder the vast majority have become politically polarized and cynical. Apparently we can't count on our leaders, in any phase of life, or of any party, to just "do the right thing." I find it appalling that these "public servants" would pocket this kind of change--fully aware of the present economic and budget climate. Candidly, they should all get a pink slip and have to go find a job in the open market, instead of returning to their tenured faculty posts.

BallFourMar. 6, 12 8:32 PM

What else can he say, what with him holding out the tin cup for funding right now?

kenw1952wMar. 6, 12 8:45 PM

"Bruininks called Kaler's decision to tap the fund for Maturi's final year "perfectly appropriate.'' One of the fund's uses is to "fill gaps" and "solve problems,'' he said."............I wonder if Kaler will fill the "gap" I have in making ends meet and to "solve some problems" that I am dealing with on my mortgage, property taxes, income taxes, health insurance, son's college tuition, etc. etc. Do you suppose you could "tap that fund" for me Mr. Kaler???

elmore1Mar. 6, 12 9:02 PM

This is the tip of the iceburg. There are MANY similar opportunities for better fiscal mgmt at the U and State. Aren't the Regents responsible for overseeing "sound fiscal management". Don't they review comp and bennies policies every year?

jarlmnMar. 6, 12 9:23 PM

What a pity ... now I hafta take an entire year off with only FULL PAY and no premium or other goodies. Why-oh-why did I EVER get into Academia? Next thing, they might force me to even actually teach *gasp* Students! The horror!


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