Minneapolis residents split on footing bill for Vikings stadium

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 6, 2012 - 8:26 AM

The prospect of helping to pay the Vikings bill draws yes - enthusiastic! - and no - emphatic! - answers.

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mnpls123Mar. 5, 1210:29 PM

Mpls has a $1.36 BILLION annual budget. They certainly can find a few million a year for probably our largest tourist draw, given all the events at a stadium holds. Time for the city council to do their elected job by voting on this plan. No hiding behind a referendum or other excuses. if you aren't capable or willing to take a position on the stadium, then you shoud resign to let someone who wears big boy/girl pants take over.

chwildMar. 5, 1210:47 PM

Follow the city charter and let us vote. The charter states that it “prohibits the city from using the revenues raised from a local tax option or any other City resource valued at ‘over $10 million for the financing of professional sports facilities without the approval of a simple majority of the votes cast on the question, in a ballot question put to the public at the next regularly scheduled election.’

jhb8426Mar. 5, 1210:54 PM

"The city also would finance about $188 million in operating costs" - But I thought this was supposed to be a money maker for everyone???

treddleMar. 5, 1211:04 PM

really? did you folks at the strib get out and talk to the home owners in my neighborhood? That would be the Standish-Erickson neighborhood... Because we are the ones that saw the greatest loss in our homes' value yet the highest increase in property taxes... really? did any reporter swing by and talk to our neighbors? mmmm no reporters are really public relations release readers. So, tell me, what happens when I deduct the increased taxes to pay for a private enterprise bailout to build a stadium from my property taxes? It is a bailout. The NFL is a failed business model why else would they need me to pay around two thirds the cost of their factory? Again, I ask what happens to me if I deduct the cost of the increased taxes from my property taxes...

RossbergMar. 5, 1211:08 PM

Rather than wait until everyone's up in arms about this, all the City Council members should make up their minds whether they support their charter amendment or not for this situation and give a definitive up or down vote on it. That much is owed to the 70% of the voters who approved the amendment and the Legislature which could be spending time on other bills if this gets voted down by the council. Although the "for the record" split is 7 against, 4 for, and 2 undecided, one of the undecideds has recently come out in favor of the referendum which would make it 8-4-1. The last undecided member should make their decision and get this over with.

egraymondMar. 5, 1211:19 PM

Yes...Minneapolis..you're going to have to pony up $188 Million. For those public school grads out there, this means just over $522,000/month, or about $1.30/month for each Minneapolis resident. Or, less than a nickel a day. Which Minneapolis resident wouldn't kick in a nickel a day to help keep the Vikings in Minneapolis? This is the easiest decision you all will have to make this year.

erikj3Mar. 5, 1211:23 PM

If the Dome with it's new roof and turf aren't good enough for the dreadfully bad Queens, they can always play at TCF stadium or Target field. There is no reason to build yet another stadium downtown, so the Wilfs can get even richer. Spend the money on schools and infrastructure, which benefit all of us (unlike a "people's stadium").

doorneweerdMar. 5, 1211:36 PM

I know it's hind sight, but I still believe that if the Gophers would have waited, they could have donated towards the stadium as well. I know that they will end up playing a game or two in the new dome. But it in the end, it will not be a bad thing when its built. Just too many negative people expressing there two cents. I don't think the politicians that are for it want to speak out for it when it could cost them some voter points but see the importance of it. It's easy to be negative about it, and hard to support the unknown!!

oggasoggaMar. 5, 1211:39 PM

Thinking of a good name for the stadium, instead of peoples stadium, the dayton dome

eaglefhlMar. 5, 1211:42 PM

$188 million dollars x 30 years equals what, about $5.6 billion? So the true cost to the residents of Minneapolis is $150 million give or take about $5.6 billion?


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