Lake advocates pressing for Legacy money to battle zebra mussels

  • Article by: TOM MEERSMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 4, 2012 - 12:44 AM

Preventing the spread of invasive species is just as important as keeping other harmful pollutants out of waterways, they argue.

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livefreeordMar. 3, 12 6:21 PM

The best you can hope for is to slow it's spread by a few years. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a losing battle. Take the time you have to prepare for it. Try to educate the public, but it makes no sense to go overboard.

olneymacMar. 3, 12 7:45 PM

This is like giving your Christmas wishlist the day after Christmas, shoulda woulda coulda done this atleast 10 to 15 years ago when they first started showing up. Close all the water-ways to boaters and fisherman and the birds and all the wildlife and I bet they still will spread like wildfire.

thatisright1Mar. 3, 12 8:29 PM

Many of these lakes are already trashed or well on there way to being trashed from high-density development, runoff, and overuse. Zebra mussels don't really matter unless some of the other issues are addressed as well. Besides, it would be impossible to stop the spread of zebra mussels given the current mentality of some recreational boat and lake home owners.

fishanhunt2Mar. 3, 12 8:53 PM

You can throw all the money you want at Zebra Mussels. In the end it will be for naught. Lakes infested will see the Zebra populations peak and then subside until the Zebs. are just another nuisance species in our eco. systems. The hysteria of lake shore property owners will not change that. Perhaps a study of states that have been dealing with Zebs. for a much longer period would be in order. After the initial surge Zebs. will prove to be no where near the threat the "Chicken Little" people claim them to be. Wasting our Legacy funds on will hardly slow the Zebs. down, much less stop them. Nor will unduly harassing recreational boaters with useless inspections.

AdamSeMar. 3, 12 9:07 PM

With all the ridiculous projects that receive legacy money and have absolutely no connection to clean water and air, at least this one sort of relates to what the supposed purpose of the amendment is.

elmore1Mar. 3, 12 9:50 PM

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that I had in mind when I voted for the Legecy Amendment. Doing everything that we can to keep our lakes healthy makes a heck of a lot more sense than the Vikings stadium which has a questionable value proposition but seems to get universal support from our politicians. Let's bring the White Earth Casino back into play to fund AIS if necessary. I can't believe all of the posters that are willing to give up without a fight. Sea Lamprey decimated the Lake Trout in Superior years ago and scientists eventually solved it. It is disgusting to think of all of our lakes turning into weed, mussel,carp infested sewers without a fight.

fourthand8thMar. 4, 12 1:31 AM

I didn't vote for the Legacy Amendment to help lakeshore owners maintain their property values.

bironMar. 4, 12 5:02 AM

Too bad nobody is as concerned about the other invasive species that is destroying not just Minnesota, but all of the US, namely, illegal immigrants. But I guess we can't talk about that!

kobearMar. 4, 12 7:34 AM

Sea Lamprey still decimates Great Lakes native fish. And millions is spent every year on their control. Without quarantine on infested lakes we just really aren't serious and shouldn't waste any "feel good" money on a effort that is built to fail. Better to control runoff it takes a Trillion dirty rain drops running off to pollute a lake, but only one zebra mussel to infest it. With runoff if 30% of people help out there is a real benefit in clean water longer. With invasives anything less than 100% control is 100% failure.

chance123Mar. 4, 12 8:38 AM

The Headline should read....Lake Minnetonka homeownwers are worried about zebra mussels destroying the lake and their property values and want the taxpayer to bail them out.....I didn't vote for the Legacy Amendment and my guess is most of them didn't either. I say pay for it yourselves Lake Minnetonka homeowners! It is not my job to make sure you retain your home equity.


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