3 regents call for Sviggum to choose: Job or U board?

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 2, 2012 - 11:56 PM

A three-regent panel saw a conflict between his posts as a regent and as communications chief for state Senate Republicans, but he did not make a choice on Friday.

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jane210Mar. 2, 12 9:53 PM

The simple fact that Sviggum can't comprehend that this is a conflict of interest tells me that he is not fit for either position.

jeddelohMar. 2, 1210:52 PM

The fact is they don't like him because he's a REPUBLICAN! They don't fit in the highly democratic higher education system. It upsets there total control for power.

mylittleidMar. 2, 1211:37 PM

jeddeloh - "The fact is they don't like him because he's a REPUBLICAN!" Um, wasn't he a Republican when they hired him?? The fact is, they don't like it that he took a job which is a conflict of interest.

forfreedomMar. 2, 1211:48 PM

Mr. Sviggum should resign one or the other position. He has been in a privileged position of power too long and seems to think that because he can do something it is okay. He isn't listening anymore. Bye, Steve.

wbgleasonMar. 3, 1212:47 AM

Regent Brod is just as much a Republican as Sviggum. There are other members of the Board who are also - probably - Republicans. They are all doing a fine job. Sviggum's problem is called conflict of interest, not being a Republican.

wallyworldmnMar. 3, 12 2:47 AM

Looks like everyone gets it expect Sviggum. His own self importance must be deafening to drown out voices that are pointing out the conflict of interest. Time for an intervention. Pick a job - either job. (but not both) If you really believe that you need to stay on as a Regent, then resign your political position. Otherwise, go back to your roots in politics and leave the Board of Regents alone.

rshacklefordMar. 3, 12 3:01 AM

"I'm a down-home farmer trying to do the right thing," Sviggum said..." ---- You know a politician is on the backs of his heels and about to be pushed over when he brings up the 'from where-I-am roots' argument. Popular examples include: Palin (I'm a hockey mom!) and Bachmann (I'm an Iowan!). Feel free to name dems too. They all do it.

whataboutmeMar. 3, 12 6:24 AM

are the regents doing a good job? or is this just a diversion from the fists full of dollars that keep getting thrown in upper staff extra pay, retirement benefits parachutes and specialty jobs cooked up with tax dollars

fwallenMar. 3, 12 8:11 AM

Best thing is to resign from Regents and concentrate on the day job. Make room for an energetic, creative, innovative person to shake up the status quo at the Regents. A key point that the Regents don't understand: the status quo is not one of the options for the future.

elmore1Mar. 3, 12 8:22 AM

The Regents are NOT doing a good job. Escalating tuition and golden parachutes to select staff do not constitute sound fiscal management. The Steve S isssue is just taking the spotlight away from the real issue. The U needs major reform and transformation into an effective institution.


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